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A little gaining story. First attempt to write in American English. Sorry for the errors.
The house is silent.

It’s after dinner time.

We ate together in the dining room.

Jake is in his room, doing his homework probably.

I’m writing my new book.

Without my wife Gretchen, the house is more silent. The only noise I can hear right now is the sea. When she was alive, almost every night there was a different friend there or the TV was on. Sometimes, we throw a party with some neighbors.

She died three years ago due a car accident. It was horrible. I miss her. She was a funny, loving woman. She was the first one to break my shell after I divorce that junkie cheater that was my first wife Laura. When we thought we couldn’t have children, Gretchen was a great mother to my son Henry, who always called her “Mom”. Then we had Jacob, Jake for short. Now, Jake is 14, while Henry is 26 and lives out of State. Gretchen always tried her best to not make favoritism while they were growing up. She always treated both equally and fairly. While I was around her, I was happy. It hurts when she revealed to me that she cheated on me. She helped me come out to my family as bi. We told each other everything. The only thing I never told her was that I love fat.

I love fat.

I love to cook junk food.

I love fattening up a person.

In particular boys in their teens and early-20s.

I love to see them becoming fat.

I love watching my students at UCLA gain weight during the school year.

I loved when Henry returned home from college heavier.

I never told Gretchen about this. She wouldn’t understand. I loved her, yes, but she would have thought I was a monster or a depraved. I’m a good person. I only like seeing fat people.

I check what time it is.


I decide to take a break, go to the bathroom, and drink something.

After I went to the bathroom, I go to the kitchen. I pass near Jake’s bedroom. The door is slightly open. Normally, he leaves the door slightly open. When I arrive at the kitchen, I see Jake is in there. He opened the fridge and is eating the cake that the cleaning lady brought this morning. She is great at baking. In the last couple of months, I noticed that Jake was snacking a bit more, but it wasn’t a lot more than before. The weight he put on isn’t even visible so much, although a little belly is starting to show. I go behind him and whisper: «Do you want some help with that cake?»2»”

He is shocked that I’m behind him. He looks at me and tries to mumble something. «I noticed you started to snack more, Jake baby.» I speak.

«I will stop, Dad.» he says. I smirk and respond to this: «I don’t want you to stop, Jake. I want you to continue to snack.»

He turns to face me with his eyes wide open. Dang if he is cute with his face dirty with food. «I will help you eat that cake. I will feed you, Jake baby. Is it OK?» I state. Jake stays silent for a few moments, trying to process everything I said. After a few moments, he nods. I accompany him to the table. Then, I go back to the fridge. I take the cake and a knife. After I put the cake on the table, I cut it and start to feed my son. Jake moans while I feed him. I smile during the whole process.

After he swallows the last piece of cake, we start to talk. «I started to snack a couple of months ago, I think. I feel hungry a lot of the times.» Jake says.

«Do you want me to feed you more often, sweetie? Do you want to gain fat? I don’t want to pressure you to do so. You can put on some weight and decide to lose it later.» I say. Jake stays silent for a moment and answers: «I want to gain weight. I will try for a while and then decide. Is it OK?»

I smile and nod. I kiss him on his cheek.

I can fatten my baby boy. I can fatten up someone for the first time in forever.


I look at my Jake.

He gained weight in the last three years. He was obese for a while, but he prefers being overweight, so he lost some weight and now is overweight. Henry loves his baby brother in this new shape. I often find him playing with Jake’s fat.

Jake has also a boyfriend now. His name is Michael. He is a good boy and cares deeply about Jake. They started to date last year. Mike loves Jake’s body and personality. I like him. We discuss a lot about literature and politics.

We are happy now. Really happy. Everything is going to be fine.
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