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A little family secret comes out by the alcoholic aunt.
We have an extended family dinner tonight.
My grandfather, my brother Michael, his wife Margaret, and their children are here.
The only missing one is my brother John. He went no contact with us when I was a child and went to live in New York.
Aunt Margaret is drunk right now. Too much wine, I guess.
She likes wine a lot. I think she has a problem, but she says everything is fine.
She is talking to me about the vacation to Italy next summer. We are in the kitchen. The others are in the living room.
Then, she changes the subject in a matter of seconds.
"I do not miss John. He was rotten, despite William and Jessamine being the best parents they could." she says. Mom and Dad never talked about John. Aunt Margaret continues: "When he met that girl, Lucy... oh, if she was a bitch. She brought him into a spiral of drugs and alcohol."
Uncle Michael promptly arrives and says: "Maggie, dear, come with me. Tobias probably is not interested in hearing about John."
"Oh, come on, Michael! He is 16. He should know the truth!" Aunt Margaret spits. My uncle seems anxious to take his wife away from me.
Aunt Margaret looks at me and says: "Lucy remained pregnant I think four or five months after she introduced John to drugs."
I think I start to understand. "The baby was you. John and Lucy weren't ready to be parents. So, William and Jessamine adopted you." Aunt Margaret says. Uncle Michael starts to scream at her. Mom, Dad, and Granpa come in. They understand what happened and start to scream at Aunt Margaret.
I go to the dining room. I need some alone time. I feel a bit overwhelmed. "I'm sorry, Toby. We should have told you years ago." a voice says behind my back. I turn around. Dad is here. He followed me. He is worried for me, I can see it.
"It's OK, Dad. I'm only mad that you didn't tell me about it before." I say. It's the truth. I'm mad that they didn't tell me about it before, but I know that it will fade away soon enough.
Dad smiles. "I love you, Toby."
"I love you too, Dad."

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