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Pink House Dreams for writer's Cramp

Pink House Dreams

Maria Lee had grown up in a poor neighborhood
And saw the rich people living in their mansions
Overlooking the city.

She Was the type of girl
Who wanted to live in a pink house

She eventually ended up working as a maid
In a pink mansion helping out
At the nightly parties.

And meeting all the right people
As she was quite a looker
A very charming young woman,
And flirted with all the rich dudes
And the woman, too,

Then one day
She won the lottery
And she bought
Her own pink mansion

And threw wild parties
Inviting all her old clients
Who all showed up at her parties.

And she became a rich celebrity
Becoming famous for being famous
And for living the dream

A Cinderella princess
Who grew up in poverty
And ended up living the dream
Of living in a pink mansion
On top of a hill.

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She was the type of girl who wanted to live in a pink house.

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