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Rain of Rodents is at an End
Rain of Rodents is at an End

22 years ago
I read a terrifying SF novel
About the use of rodents as terrorist weapons
Unleashing a rain of rodents
Dropping them from the sky
The rodents infected with a disease
A new way of spreading the plague.
Rats can hide and go anywhere
With cameras and bombs attached
Remotely controlled via implants
But the squirrel bomb
would be the ideal rodent weapon.
As squirrels can go anywhere
Even onto the WH, the Congress
the CIA or the Pentagon
And blow up things and people
And no one would see
The squirrel bomb coming
Thankfully, this SF novel
Has yet to become true
But someday perhaps
This nightmare headline
Could become real


Rain of rodents is at an end

22 lines of rodent inspired terror

Twenty-two years ago, Writing.Com was born.

What else was happening back then?

Well, here are some (partial) news headlines from September 1st and 2nd, 2000 ... 22 years ago!

Pick one of them as the inspiration for your poem or story: make that headline central to its subject/plot. Note: you do not have to have the same 'meaning' as the original headline intended ... indeed, the more creative a reinterpretation your piece provides, the better.

Include a note in your item indicating which headline prompt you used.

Also, you must use the number twenty-two (or 22) somewhere in your story or poem. Remember to put it in bold for your judge.

One of your genres must be NEWS.

Headlines (pick one):
* The stunning assassin is killing my love life
* Rick's fundraising dwarfs
* FBI nets student in mammoth
* Jumper dies in spa spill
* Investors spooked by bear sighting
* What blimp doth blight this tale
* Rain of rodents is at an end

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