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Fantasy, dreamy perception
                             - Man was supposed to purify his physical body,
                              so it would withstand death.
                             - We are not immortal. Are we?

         When I'll be in a dreamy mood, I will write a thin book. Flames will be dancing on it,
deserts will be pouring sand, and waterfalls will be guarding the sacred place...
Just let rage, worries, exhaustion, and weakness go away... Angels with spears
will be walking in a circle, protecting a beautiful tree - the Tree of Life.

         Law (metal), passion ( fire), meditation* (water), disintegration into tiny grains of sand
(earth), and birth as a small sprout (space). Black spiders of fears are scattering and running away.
I am freeing my head from cotton balls, in which their future offspring are hidden. Only my convictions
are in my head. And, please, don't patronize me.

* meditation - immersion in yourself

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