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The book describes a voyager-wuling's travels to the secret areas with the crew.
Chapter 1-1 Wavy & Windy Start
A stone beach along the southern coast of the Ming Empire. Carrying a hooded convict on his back, the young Zheng Yuan walked along a beach path and stopped behind a towering rock. He made the man on his back lie down on the edge of the sand dune and tore off the strip of cloth that covered his face.
"I'm sorry for what I did." Zheng Yuan said.
"Come on, I haven't trusted anyone since I found out you lied to me, because I still think our friendship is still alive." As a wanted criminal Wuling appeared calm, "far, I know your conscience must still in."
"I can't thank you enough for that... But I don't have the power to fix it. The emperor has issued a death decree on your head. No one in Daming's realm can be trusted. - That's why I've sent you here." Zheng Yuan is very firm.
The sky was dark, and the wind and waves were whistling against the rocks. The salty sea breeze moistened the corners of their eyes.
Wuling's hands had been shackled in chains. Zheng lifted the knife and cut it between his hands - the metal cracked and the chain broke in two. Zheng Yuan withdrew the sword from its sheath. Wuling unfastened the remaining chains and rubbed his blue wrist.
Zheng Yuan then led Wuling to the other end of the Shitan. A small sailboat was parked there. He said to Wuling, "It is you who have been helping me since we met. Please let me help you once now. You know the sea better than most people. From here you can sail away, far beyond the reach of Daming's army. Then you will be free!"
"But, you know," Wuling felt very embarrassed, "I was set up to end up here. My heart is still tied to the earth of my homeland. This is tantamount to flight."
"Hu, the reason why I let you leave so discomfited. I believe that you will be able to endure hardships in this, after the strength of yourself to regain your former dignity." Zheng Yuan said, facing the sea.
"What am I supposed to do? Wuling asked.
"As early as in my ancestors' time, he represented Daming to the so-called Taixi land. However, he knew that his short life and identity could not exhaust these, so created a lifelong regret. You're a free man at sea. You can use your talents and explore with your life and passion without any constraints." Zheng Yuan said, and handed Wuling's saber back to him.
"You are right. Have you realized the ambition of your ancestors? I'm glad!" Wuling stood up and took the knife.
"Friend, I am here to see you off today, hoping that one day we shall meet again, even if not on the Jinghong." Zheng Yuan then went to the ship to send Wuling. He pushed it out to sea.
In the cold sea breeze, Zheng Yuan stood in the water and watched Wuling's boat leave. The shadow of the mast gradually blurred and finally disappeared on the horizon.

Three days after setting out, Wuling took out the dry food at the bottom of the ship, only to find that it was moldy because it could not stand the moisture. Helpless under, he used a saber to carefully cut off the mildew after eating.
One night, the sea fog, like a floating veil, could not be seen for miles. Standing in the stern, Wuling leaned out of the boat, a lamp in his right hand, his eyes scanning the water. When he saw no sign, he sat down again and rested. Suddenly, in the sea not far behind him, a giant approached his boat - Wuling's boat was smashed! The sailors climbed down the gunwale and marched him onto the deck of the ship.
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