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A Poem of Heartbreak from a man who has lost his love. Yet remains hopeful.
It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.

The love of my life
Lost due to words unsaid
Actions not taken

Now in the arms of another man
Her words like venom
Poisoning my heart
Weakening my soul

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.

Friends say to forget her
But how does one forget
Someone they were to spend their life with
Someone who made them feel
Like a better person
Like they had the world
Like they had someone who would never let go

Oh the folly of a stupid man
Inexperience, Shallowness, Fear
That allows someone who loves so much
To take actions that hurt the object of their affection
To push them away when you should hold them close

It hurts, Its hurts, It hurts

Most would move on
Find another
Keep searching
But in my heart I know
That she is who I want
I know the gravity of what I lost
And the reason for which it was lost
I want to hold her hand again

To kiss her lips again
To feel her touch again
To hear her voice again
Not the sting of her voice
Dripping with hate
I want the honey soaked words
Abundant with love
I want my forever

It hurts, it hurts, it hurts

My efforts drive her into the arms
Of the man she found
After our separation
She gloats
She pushes me away

But how many times
Did I do the same
How many times
Did I run from her
No never with another
But I ran all the same
So I fight

IT hurts It Hurts It HUrts

I fight in spite of this pain I feel
Because while I lay alone
She lays with another
I fight in spite of my gloomy demeanor
That wants so much to give up
To sulk and fall to despair

I fight and hope and pray
That one day her heart will soften
That one day she will give me the chance
And that I can give her
The ring of eternity
That I once denied her


I will walk this road
To the end
Hoping that what lies at the end
Is the happiness that I denied both of us
With my selfishness

That I can prove
How much I love her
How much I care
And how ready I am
To give her the love that she deserves
And be the man that she deserves

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