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How do I create my content and what to expect from me.
         I was told to make first post. Normally I would know what to say in these things but right now I am at a complete blank. Sometimes my creative process tends to come to me in a dream. Now a lot of you will say 'oh she's trying to get viewers by imitating so and so.' No what I say is truth. I usually have weird dreams but some tend to be good enough to write a story. Some of my posts that I do might be me creatively thinking about my next character or giving you a more general idea of which character I'm using. Some of my content might be fanfics, because I'm a nerd like that. However, I do like to do my own work, with my own characters.
         Now as I stated in my biography I am far from a professional and semi-literate. Now to some I will seem uneducated but in honesty I have a few mental defects. First, I do have adhd (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), so this means it might take me a bit to get my next content out, also it means that my grammar and punctuation will be off. Second, I have anxiety and depression. So, in doing this of creating a creative writing spot I have chosen to take a big step out of my comfort zone. This is also why I asked in my biography that others please have some respect not post anything negative or be harsh.
         So, what to expect from! Sometimes I might just rant and write random useless things. I might even try my hand at some poetry, but most of the time it will be creative writing stories. However, my goal is to use this to help me break out of my shyness shell and overcome my anxiety. My hope is you will work with me and maybe enjoy some of the content and help me learn to be a better writer.
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