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Love can happen to anyone,
Billy bull lived on farmer Jed's farm in a beautiful pasture. It was green and had big bundles of hay all around and a large pond right out in the middle. Billy loved the pasture, and he had plenty of room to run. He was the only bull the farmer owned, and he was the protector of the whole herd that lived in the pasture with him. For the most part Billy was a well-behaved bull except when he became curious as to what was on the other side of the gully. He would often walk up close to the fence and look down the gully and across the creek but could not see what was over the hill. He became obsessed as to how he could get over there to the other side. He thought maybe he could somehow jump the fence, but he soon found out he was too big, he tried snorting loudly as if to say is there anyone there. No matter how hard he tried Billy could not think of a way.

The next day farmer Jed was down by the gully working on the fence. Of course, Billy was curious as to what was going on in his pasture, so he was there with farmer Jed, watching, after a while farmer Jed walked away from the fence and Billy moved closer. as Billy pushed the fence with his head it gave way a little. He pushed a little harder and the fence fell down. He stepped back and then he walked across the fence, down the gully, across the creek and up the hill to the other side. When he reached the top of the hill Billy could see a pasture with cows and calves grazing in it.

As Billy made his way across the field, he noticed a black and white cow that looked very beautiful. He walked over and stood beside her. "My name is Billy; I live in the pasture across the gully." he said. "Hello, my name is Miss Jersey Belle." she replied. They spent the day walking as Miss Jersey Belle showed Billy her home and pasture. Billy could now see what he had only dreamed about. When farmer Jed returned to the fence, he could see it laying on the ground. Dang, he thought the wind must have knocked it over. He finished fixing the fence and went home for the night. The next morning farmer Jed went to feed the cows and as he called for Billy, he got no answer.

Billy never missed a feeding. Farmer Jed walked the pasture and remembered the fallen fence and wondered if Billy had gotten out. He went to the place the fence had fallen and loosen the wire and crossed over. He went down the gully, across the creek and up the other side. As he topped the hill, he saw Billy standing there next to a black and white cow. He called Billy and he came over to him. He put a rope over Billy's head and took him home. As Billy was eating his breakfast farmer Jed went back to the fence and reinforced it with stronger wire. After all he thought Billy had just walked over it, he didn't know he had pushed it over.

Billy stayed in his pasture until a few days later. He couldn't stop thinking about Miss Jersey Belle, so he decided to return to the fence and see if he could catch a glimpse of her on the hill. She was not there, and Billy decided he would try to knock the fence down and go find her. His curiosity just would not let him give up. He put his head against the fence and pushed, the fence would not give way this time. Billy tried a few more times and finally the fence post began to lean and then it fell, and the fence went down. Billy walked down the gully, across the creek and up the hill. When he reached the hilltop, he saw Miss Jersey being loaded onto a trailer. He was not sure where she was going but, he decided to turn around and go home.

Billy, thinking that Miss Jersey Belle was gone, decided to stay in his pasture until one day he became curious again and decided to go through the fence once more just to be sure. The fence was once again fixed and more wire had been added, but Billy didn't care, He pushed and pushed until down it went. This time farmer Jed had followed Billy and went down the gully, across the creek and up the hill right behind him. When Billy reached the hilltop, he saw Miss Jersey Belle standing there in the pasture but, she was not alone. Beside her were two little calves lying on the grass. Billy wasn't sure what was going on. Just then he turned around to see farmer Jed standing there. Then he heard someone walking up to him from the front. It was farmer Mel who was the owner of Jersey Belle. The two farmers stood talking for quite a while.

Eventually Billy was taken over to Jersey Belle and the two new calves. "What do you think Billy?" asked farmer Jed. "Are you ready to be a daddy?" Billy wasn't sure what was being said. After Jersey Belle told him they were his children he seemed to grin. Billy and farmer Jed went home, and Billy was put in a stall for a week. He couldn't understand this but, what could he do. His curiosity was getting the best of him. Then one day farmer Jed came to let him out. He knew Billy would head for the fence and he was ready. When Billy got to the fence, he noticed there was a gate in place of the wire. Farmer Jed opened the gate and he and Billy walked down the gully, across the creek and up the hill.

Miss Jersey Belle and her calves were waiting there. Farmers Jed and Mel had fenced in a place for Billy and Jersey and their calves to live together. They had a new barn with stalls in it and each end of the gully had been fenced in. Billy no longer had to knock down the fence or walk down the gully, across the creek and up the hill. He and Jersey and the calves, Sally and Sam had their own little pasture, and they were happy. Farmer Jed would not have to chase Billy anymore and Billy's curiosity never got the better of him again.

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