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To vote in the 2022 midterms - a concern so American, it must cross party lines - a poem.
A foul stench marking a stale gavel;
Abortion rights, a freedom to be condoned
And emphasized;
The benefits to society are constructed
Through legislation seeking
An ethical situation of choice;
And those in charge are truly accountable
To this distressing and unjust,
Disorderly contest of wills.

The genesis of unrestricted inflation
Has impacted everyone’s capitulating
And ruined status;
The grave cost increases
In food, fuel, and shelter
Reign over people’s uncertain parameters.
The disruption in the domestic production
Of energy has advanced
A perilous economy -
And the wide open, unsafe border remains
A blatant test of GOP commitment
And resolve…

The empowerment of a one-party system
Is forever perceived
As a failed and pompous variety
Of controversial, indignant,
And disturbing rhetoric,
And the most policies driven
By sheer political motives
In the history of our nation.
Potentially the greatest argument
For a Republican landslide…

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