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Politicians with no limitations can get away with every desire - time to stand up - a poem
A capable and glowing constituency
Of patriarchal values…
While these parents, workers, and leaders
Adeptly pursue their penchant
For the glorious scenes of nature…
Faith should warrant a tone-deaf stampede
To the ballot box:
Their baseless politicians affirm
Illicit smuggling and gainful, despicable entries,
In stretchered infamy,
To promote care and awesome change -
Coined by sufficient memories;

A modicum of certainty -

To preserve a sincere hope -

A firebrand seeking election
Or re-election…

To aggressively gamble,
And to exhaust the freakin’ opposition…

A stalwart beauty - this fractured value
Known as patriotism;
A progressive alliance
Hammered into the ground
Through weirdo comments
By our senile leaders…

Grand officials are granted
Too much financial glitter -
A healthy code,
And a gorgeous coolness.

Streaming in the prevalent and orderly way,
Engaged on behalf of special interests -
Existing in coy and grave opposition…

Selling out to inherently gamble,
They scatter the jiggly, baited hooks
Into the distance -

And take a generous glide
Onto their busy, headstrong vertebrae…

A healthy cool, and a lengthy purpose -
With distinct, cold, and godly ramifications -
For directing the caged, non-suicidal repose
Of Earth’s stately, human response…

For the balanced structure -
A stealthy calamity…
And a stellar dictate.

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