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Just another werewolf drama. Or is it?
By the time everyone was back from getting their desired breakfast I was already half asleep. If I hadn't eaten before we got here I would be starving by now because of how slow they are.

"Uh. Yana? You Awake?" Christian asked as he passed out everyone's drinks, including a coffee for me.

"Oh. Yea. -sip of coffee- So, where were we?" I asked as I popped my back. No one said anything they just looked at me nervously. So, I decided to go the easy way out.

"How about we just not talk about stupid business shit today? We can just have fun, shop a bit and try not to cause any trouble." I say after a minute of silence.

"Sounds good to me." Christian said with a smile. I glared at him. He knew when I said try not to cause any trouble that mostly meant him.

As I was walking out of the food court I noticed someone different. Someone out of place. There was a guy cleaning the tables near the entrance of the food court. No one ever sits there for very unknown reasons. So, I decided to pretend to be all soft, innocent and cute just to mess with him a little bit.

"Uh. H-Hi... -short pause- I um just wanted to tell you that uh. No one ever sits here so uh. You're kind of wasting your uh. time." I said faking a stutter but for some reason I felt a little nervous, I just ignored it.

That's when I saw his face for the first time. He had fluffy brown hair and very pretty brown eyes with small specks of gold. Plus his cute freckles that were sprinkled around his face.

"Oh. Um. T-thanks. I'm kind of new here so I guess the guys I work with were just messing with me." He replied as blush lightly spread across his cheeks.

At that moment I realized what I was wearing. I had on the pants from my uniform with a plain white tank top. Military girls aren't usually cute and sweet so I have to be careful.

"So, uh. What's your name?" I asked quietly still weirdly nervous. I'm usually not nervous around people but there's something about him that changes me, makes me more... human?

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