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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Entertainment · #2281716
It's not as if I'm too fat.
I started a new diet.
I hope this one will last.
I have a wedding coming up
and need to lose weight fast.

It’s not as if I’m too fat.
Well, maybe just a bit.
But I could use some workouts, too,
and try to be more fit.

I read about some programs
and even bought a book.
And now it’s up to me to get
the way I want to look.

This new book is real heavy.
That how I’ll lose some pounds!
I’ll simply throw the book away,
as silly as that sounds.

Well, now I feel much lighter.
And now I can unwind.
Now that I’ve tossed the book I’ve lost
a big weight off my mind.

Yeah, I don’t need to lose weight.
I’ll stay the way I look.
What was I thinking I would find
inside a stupid book?

I never will be perfect
All I can be is me
And if you don’t like how I look
then you can climb a tree.

Hey, I like that…
Go climb a tree

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