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Daily Flash Fiction 9/28/22 W/C 299

Such a fun night! Friends gathered at the old playground. We remembered good times in the old South School, now sitting empty.

Joe ride his bike from home, five miles with busted handlebars. I had the red flag from upstairs, hoping mom wouldn’t miss it. Then Taayler, Holly, and Marie stopped by to check on us.

We played on the jungle gym, the swings, climbed the slide. Lots of fun on the old playground. Taayler started playing on the rings, then Joe crashed

“What the heck! Joe?”

“I’m alright, just broke the step here.”

“It sounded like a car crash or something.” I was getting ready to go home. The sun was getting lower in the sky.

“Hey guys, check it out,” said Taayler, pointing down the street.

We looked where she pointed. A woman stood on the sidewalk. We waved. The woman didn’t wave back.

“Hi there!” Marie shouted.

The woman stood on the sidewalk, arms crossed, not moving.

We all again waved. I waved mom's flag, then Marie shouted again, “Hey! You’re freaking us out!”

Still that woman didn’t move.

“That is stupid weird, what the h…”, said Joe as he gathered his busted bike.

We scrambled off the playground and over to the shade trees. Soon we had a plan.

Marching down the sidewalk, the woman didn’t move. She stood as still as a statue, arms crossed. As we got closer, she stood still. The five of us in a group walked right up to her.

“What are you doing, standing here? You’re freaking us out,” stated Holly.

She stared at us. “I’m watching you,” the woman said. Then she went inside a small house.

We five turned around, bewildered, unsure what to do. Turning back, we didn’t see a small house anymore. It had disappeared.

W.C 299

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