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A poem about my addiction
Hello Vodka my old friend
It is nice to see you again
It has been such a long time
Where do I begin

I would be lying if I said I did not miss you
The way you touched my body all the way through
The warmth, Burn, and Numbness were great too
Sad we had to part ways, It was me not you

We had become intertwined
Your heart beating in time with mine
Courage you gave in liquid form
With you my life was never bored

You helped me in many ways
Made it easy to forget all my pain
Encouraged me to drink one more
Even helped me to score

In time the relationship started to sour
I saw new sides of you that made me think
This is not healthy, it is not safe
Then I noticed the numbness was going away

Over time I saw the truth
You did not love me, you were just part of my excuse
Your effects had long term shame
And I could not deal with all the pain

I had to step out and get away
In reality it was my only saving grace
The poison you gave me just sucked me in
It made you my one and only true friend

Not touching you was really hard
I had to get raid of you
I threw you away
No more contact was the only way

I still think of you so very often
When life gets depressed and out of hand
When the world shows out and I feel so small
You appear as an after thought

That voice in the back of my mind
Telling me just one more drink will be fine
But you and I both know
That just one is not how this will go

I still taste you from time to time
I have control and hold the power now you see
It is not like it used to be
This time I choose me!
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