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about my recovery i learned while in shelter
My name is Sara Kendall. The reason I’m writing this story is because the shelter did a lot to bless me in my life. I learned a lot at the shelter, especially about God. It’s not just a shelter, it is a new way to start your life over to be successful in a way of life. The shelter is a place for a new fresh start in your life.in many ways. For instance, learning about God, how to get a job, or stay off drugs or alcohol. Also, money management, saving and getting back on track to get a new housing plan.
I completed my plans at the CROSS as a great success. Brenda Knight does great as house manager. She stuck by my side and helped me get back on track to be successful in life. The shelter is one of the best shelters in the state of Tennessee. While I was there, I got back into church, and it was a good thing for me. It got me to realize That God has been on my side all along in my life. I had slid back from God through the years. Mrs. Knight brought me back to a Christian life.
The volunteer work was good for me too. I always did the Bible factory. It was great. I learned about different languages in Bible printing. It was very interesting. At the shelter, I volunteered as an assistant manager. This was good and showed me that I can be trusted and responsible as a person towards the shelter. It was good for my recovery from alcoholism.
The CROSS shelter did wonderful things for me to be successful while I was there. I am now out on my own for the first time in my life. This is a big step because I always fived with family or people. So, this is a happy time for me .I’m doing fine in my own apartment. All I can say is that the CROSS shelter is the best place to be if you want to recover and to get back with God in your life. The project works if you work on it.
I would like to say in closing, that the shelter was a blessing to me. I want to thank the CROSS Shelter Project for my success in my new life. God bless you all.
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