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May wants a taste of Ash’s feet, and he’s more than happy to oblige.


         May. Of Ash Ketchum’s little band travelling through the Hoenn region, she was the only girl of the group. Boy, did it make his heart flutter when the two were alone. Although he hid it decently well from her, Ash’s private moments would include lots of thinking about May.

         As he sat next to her on a bench in Slateport City, a battle raged in his head.

         Should I ask her now?

         May simply stared into the clear blue sky, tapping her fingers as if to speed up the time. Even when doing the most mundane actions, she caught Ash’s eye. Every day, his favourite part of her visually would switch. Sometimes, he’d adore her wonderful-smelling brown hair (which she never knew he sniffed). Some days, he’d want to strip her black socks off and stroke her sizeable feet. And it was quite normal for his blood to pump as he stared at her tight shorts from behind.

         Maybe I could surprise her…

         The boy slowly popped his heels out of his shoes. Once the socks had no pressure on them, his toes flicked them away. Finally, the tropical air kissed the boy’s tannish feet.

         His focus remained on May’s face. In particular, those lips… What wonders they could give to any boy she planted them on. If Ash was going through with this, he needed to get May at least a little loose. So before anything, he licked his own lips.

         Here goes!

         The boy scooched closer and grabbed May’s face with both hands. He then forced his mouth against hers, keeping his eyes wide open as he explored her.

         “Ash!?” May was muffled by Ash’s tongue penetrating her deeply. When the boy pulled away, it was as if a dentist had sucked all the saliva from the girl.

         Panting with an expression that screamed horny, Ash set his bare feet on the girl’s lap. Then he navigated his right foot onto her nose. Although it just exited some warm sneakers, it surprised him how dry the foot was. On the plus side, the lack of foul odour meant May wouldn’t be scared off as easily. And his foot felt as soft as a cushion, so there came the upside of wearing the fabrics.

         Instead of backing away, May sat still. The gentle sound of sniffing put a bigger grin on Ash’s face.

         “Oh yeah… Get in there, May. Really sniff ‘em!” he encouraged, pushing his feet against her.

         For a second, May whimpered, feeling her nose scrunch against the boy’s wiggling toes. Yet her whimpering soon turned into sighs of relief. Every inhale was accompanied by a lovely exhale, signifying to Ash that perhaps May had some skeletons in her closet. While she dragged her nose along the bottom of his foot, the boy’s fingers toyed around with his inner thighs.

         “You like my feet?”


         And just like that, two toes clamped the girl’s nose. What little scent her nostrils could absorb was potent. She let out a giggle, now squirming her tongue against the foot.

         If May were a Pokémon, she’d be restricted to one technique: Foot Worship. No longer could the girl suppress her urges. Within seconds, she freed herself from smelling Ash’s foot and grasped it by the ankles. And before the boy could prepare for the tickling, her tongue skated across his foot as if she owned every inch of it.


         Now Ash’s hands pushed firmly into his groin, the boy softly laughing. He was so lost in pleasure that he had no reaction to the dozens of people strolling past them. The whole world could watch May suck his feet, and Ash would let them.

         The brown-haired girl treated his feet like two lengthy ice pops, going from heel to toe. Occasionally, she’d let Ash’s arch curve against her face as she lapped the heel like a playful Eevee. His feet tasted so delectable, she regretted that they weren’t sweatier. If they’d been at their dampest, she’d want to marry those giant feet.

         More than their flavour or aroma, May was giddy from just looking at them. The tops had to be her favourite, as she spent a minute just tracing her hand along every line she found.

         “So, can you suck my toes?” Ash tapped his big toe against her lips, provoking a fluttery response from May.

         The teen let his big toe force itself into her mouth. As soon as it slotted in, she wrapped her lips around it and bobbed her head back and forth. All the while, her gloved fingers continued to dance on his foot.

         “Yeah! Don’t forget the other ones. Please…”

         Ash’s request wasn’t even necessary. As May looked him in his eyes — her blue irises growing — she thrust her tongue between every tight space. Like a good girl, she’d then slobber all over the digits and suck them with all the might in the world. Now both trainers had their hearts ready to give out from this intensity. May’s deep moaning and Ash’s squeals of pleasure made sure no one missed them in this city.

         The girl gasped for air. “Mmm… Just gotta…” Trembling, she pushed one of Ash’s feet against one of her breasts. As it made its home there, the other foot continued to be sniffed and licked by this horny trainer.

         Meanwhile, the boy’s breathing picked up the pace. With all the pressure his palms generated, combined with May’s slimy tongue on his soles, he was ready to faint.

         Her biting down on his big toe, playfully growling like a wild creature, was the final straw. Ash clenched his fingers, whimpering as his body achieved orgasm.


         Suddenly, instead of being in Slateport City, trees towered over the boy. Rather than a bench supporting him, he felt the humid Hoenn grass tickle his head, along with a soft sleeping bag.

         Aw, it was just getting good.

         When he pulled his head up, the boy’s jaw dropped. Firstly, his orgasm transcended the dream realm. A warm sensation started to chill rapidly in his pants. Secondly, from the looks of it, he had slipped out of his sleeping bag.

         Thirdly — and most importantly — someone had her wet mouth wrapped around his big toe. In fact, as Ash curled his toes, they were all soaked as if he had dipped in the ocean. In contrast, his other foot was dry, save for some sweat. May lay on her side, wide-eyed, still sucking his toe ever so slightly. Just as it slid out her mouth, she looked in every direction, biting her lip.

         Ash rubbed his eyes, checking around this area as well. Route 110, that much he remembered. But right by his side, Pikachu was knocked out. And a short distance away, Brock and little Max were asleep as well. Judging by the orange-blue sky, the sun was still in its rising phase. So it wouldn’t be for another hour or two that the males would be waking up.

         “I’m so sorry, Ash,” May said, beginning to dry his heel with her shirt. “Look, we can pretend this never—”


         Ash set his dry toe on her mouth again, smiling. As the fat digit broke past May’s lips, the boy’s head rested against the ground. For the next hour, he was ready for Round 2.
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