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Poetry, made up story about what could had happened in the Garden of Eden
                             I would give a plenty,
                             Even a tooth
                             To know what had happened,
                             Only the truth.

Living in the Garden
Was the best,
But Serpent got a taste
For eggs from the Nest.

May be it fell out
At the first time,
When Serpent took a lick,
It was divine.

So he started stealing eggs
Time by time,
And nobody knew that,
It was fine.

Once Eve was meditating
Under the Tree,
She was very quiet,
Her Spirit was free.

She heard a little crack,
And a gulp, and a crunch,
It looked like Serpent
Was having his lunch.

Afraid that will be known
that he is a freak,
Serpent decided
To play a trick.

He used all his skills
And he told Eve :
He is not a troublemaker,
Not a thief.

It wasn't forbidden,
Not at all,
And he is the wisest
Of them all.

But this little secret
She should keep,
And happy with himself
He went to sleep.

Eve was confused :
May be he is right.
What if she takes
Only one bite?

It tasted strange
And she asked Adam :
What do you think?
Here try some.

Many saw it.
It was disgrace:
You can't live here,
This is not your place.

Living in the Garden
Was so sweet,
Now hard labor
To make ends meet.

They got kicked out,
No questions asked.
Serpent schemes
Were unmasked.

And was no chance
To plea or beg,
Serpent in fright
Ran off his legs.

So people distrust snakes
From begging of time :
How such a deceiver
Was created by Divine?

Serpent was so fake,
So obtuse,
But his appearance
Felt so smooth.

Since then he is hiding,
Hissing on and on :
All evil from a woman
Correct me if I'm wrong.
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