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Kim Yeong Sook Comes Out

Kim Yeoung Sook Comes Out Writing com

Kim, Hyeong Sook was the newly elected head of the opposition party in South Korea. She had a dilemma – she had to address the rumors that she was a lesbian. She was in fact and living with her lover, Park In-soon. Her relationship was an open secret, but she had not yet had to confirm it. But that was coming to an end as a YouTuber political gadfly had threatened to “out her” unless she paid him some hush money.

She went out with her advisors to have dinner. One of them pointed out that it was Angel Food Cake Day, and also Sausage Pizza Day so they out to have pizza and later Angel Food for dessert.

During dinner, someone pointed out it was also “spread Joy day”. She went home and spread some joy with her partner. They discussed Angel Food desert and what to do.

In-soo pointed out that younger people were in favor of same-sex marriage and were pro LGBTQ rights. She said that 15 percent of the younger women were openly bisexual. Opposition to gay rights was limited to the evangelical Christian churches, who were quite conservative. But they only made up 45 percent of the population.

She said that she should hold a press conference and openly announce she was lesbian and proud of it. She said that the controversy would die down if she addressed it head-on.

Furthermore, she thought long and hard about it and finally found the courage to come out. But first, she had to tell her father and mother and ask for them to accept her relationship with Park In soon.

They went out to dinner, and she told her parents not only she was a lesbian, but that it was going to come out, and she would confront it and come out in public. Her father surprised her by saying,

"we will support your decision. We will embrace Park as our daughter as if you were married. Go ahead and hold the press conference. We are not ashamed of you and love you."

She held a press conference and announced that she wanted to clear up a rumor about her.

She said,

“Kim min-jo, an internet YouTuber, contacted me demanding that I pay him money to keep quiet about my sexual orientation and accused me of being a lesbian living with my lesbian partner. I want to tell you that he is correct. I am a lesbian, living with the love of my life – she is over there. = I don’t think there is anything wrong with that and endorse calls to legalize gay marriage. Just like it has been legalized in the US, EU, and now Thailand.

I do not think my relationships will interfere with my ability to do the job I was elected to do, so I will not resign, nor will I pay blackmail money because I am proud of who I am and proud of my lesbian sisters who suffer so much because of irrational homophobia being promoted by conservative evangelical figures misrepresenting the teachings of Christ. That is all I have to say.”

Public opinion polls showed that 45 percent supported her, and thought she was a hero for coming out, and 45 percent were outraged and demanded she resigns. Protestors of both camps began daily demonstrations, but after a few weeks the controversy died down. and she continued in her position as leader of the opposition.

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