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In the midst of the darkness, there surely is some good.
I feel like it’s hard to fathom sometimes- the evil in the world.
Somehow, I also feel it is more unfathomable to accept the good.

The evil is overwhelming- a vast abyss with endless atrocities that get worse and worse by the day.
The good is more spread out- little pockets of sunshine shown through the smallest acts of humanity.
Often, it is hard to tell which holds more weight.

The evil is crushing-solidified chunks of agony and pain, burying a corpse beneath the dirt.
The good is liberating- strong flaps of a bird’s wings, propelling it into the open sky.
One has the power to kill and one has the power to revive.

The darkness can attempt to intimidate all it wants- I’ll always remain confident in the light.
Because I know it is so much less meaningful to kill, than to bring somebody back to life.
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