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Because of God’s undeniable faithfulness, it’s never too late to run back to Him. 🤍
You’ve done some bad things.
You’ve hurt many people.
You’ve made mistakes that you feel you can’t escape.
There’s no way to go back once you’ve already changed.
For the first time, God whispers, “These things do not define you.”


The guilt is eating you alive.
The shame is eroding your heart.
You tell yourself that God won’t accept a daughter that is already half-consumed.
The self-hate tells you that He could never love you.
He softly whispers, “Yes I do.”

You have to make a choice.
Accept forgiveness, or live with the burden.
The condemnation is what you think you deserve.
You are convinced there is no way a perfect God could love a monster like you.
But still He whispers, “You’ve got that wrong, too.”

Your bones are weary from running.
Your soul cries out to be saved.
God’s arms are open, with tears running down His face.
The voices tell you that you’re too destructive, and you’re naive to believe in change,
Yet, He still whispers in your ear, “My dear, it is never too late.”

You collapse in His arms.
Ask Him how He doesn’t have any hate.
Why did a God that is so righteous create such a nasty mistake?
Finally, you let go and describe the sins you’ve committed,
Yet, your Father whispers, “I have never considered you one of the wicked.”
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