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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Children's · #2283744
There was just one dark spot.
His name is Ralphie Putterman
and he is only three.
He is a very active child,
as nice as he can be.

He has a younger brother but
his brother’s only one.
So Ralphie’d have to wait a while
before he’d be more fun.

Now Ralphie’s parents have some friends
whose dog had given birth.
And you won’t find a cuter sight
not here on this green earth.

They took Ralphie to see those pups
and he just gaped in awe.
He was delighted as can be
at this sight that he saw.

Those puppies scampered all about;
they played inside their crate.
And when they tried to count them all,
it looked like there were eight.

But then they counted once again
and saw there was one more.
At first they did not see him there
with that black coat he wore.

And Ralphie could have one of them
but he would have to choose.
Since they were all so beautiful,
he couldn’t really lose.

Those other puppies all were light.
There was just one dark spot.
But if you thought he acted shy,
believe me he did not.

That black one played with all the pups
as they climbed in their pen.
Then they would jump and run around
and do it once again.

And Ralphie fell in love with him,
but he would have to wait.
That puppy couldn’t leave his mom
until a certain date.

Well, Ralphie was excited but
he knew that it was right.
But still he found it very hard
to get to sleep that night.

And so he asked his mom each day
if all the time was up.
When could he visit once again
and take home his new pup?

And finally the day arrived.
That dog became his pet.
To Ralphie it was just the best,
as good as it could get.

And Ralphie had a name picked out,
a name he liked a lot.
There was no question in his mind,
his new best friend is Spot.

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