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Dark Oni of Aknar's rule
ABHARTACH- a dwarven vampire that prowls in the shadows between alleys and the prison of Infinity

Bánánach- also known as bone stealer, is found in the battlefields usually in a family of 6 per field(offspring made from the bones of Teens who killed in rage taking the life of the innocent.

Bocánaigh- Goat man or mini satan walk the battlefield whereas their female counterpart flies over It their children are never a good sight for travelers for those tales of the battlefield covered by cities.

Bancanaigh- Demonic offspring of the Bananach and Bocanaigh, feeding on the dreams of children hiding under their beds eating the dreams till the child has developed depression and lost will.

SLUAGH-Irish zombie a shambling body with hanging flesh from what bones remain. They can be created by the Ban' family or raised from their graves.

Gargoyles- Flying body of stone that comes by night or snatches prey from the perch they chose from in the day, their ground cousin is the Gargloylund.

Gargoylund- are beasts of stone who hunt in the dark or snatch prey from places they sit in during the day only to slip into the shadows.
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