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No thanks on the Halloween thing

I’ll pass thanks on Halloween because I never enjoyed it you see
My mom always tried to dress me and my little sister up as the butt sister’s
She felt it was so funny however we did not you see
We were dressed up as two little old women with huge butts
The butts were like 3 times normal size
We were dressed in old women wig’s
With old women makeup
Old women dresses with big breast also
We were quite a sight
Everyone over 40 thought it was so cute however we just thought it was cruel !!

As a grown up it’s a little funny now,a little only
We were never allowed to get store costumes like ever
I hated when Halloween loomed nearby
However it wasn’t all gloom and doom
The candy haul was always good
So this is a funny tale about the good ,the bad and the ugly of Halloween
Just remember to keep Halloween mostly about your kiddos if you do celebrate
Because if not there maybe some butt sister’s running around on Halloween night
Knocking on your door reminding you of your old age or soon to be old age
Not sure what about that was funny or cute still to this day
May be it was the reality of it all!

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