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There are reasons why certain kinds of people are unhappy, and why I’m unhappy, and...
         There are people that stop growing at a certain point in their life. A person could be the size of a 7 year old but really be 21. How would it make you feel if this were you? It would be very tough having people know you’re really 21, just because you’re only around 4’ tall and look like a 7 year old, no matter what you do to try looking 21.

         Of course, I’m not a size that was like that kind of person. I was born premature, and struggled looking my age, and my mind is also different than others, because my birth Mother drank alcohol and did crack before I was born. So I have fetal alcohol syndrome and can’t drink alcohol. People find out I’m different and this has caused me to be made fun of and bullied almost my entire life. I had to be held back a grade in school, just because of my size, I was smaller than the other kids were around me. I was more mature than they were, and wasn’t too happy about this. I struggled due to my smaller size, too. I know how this feels.

         I’ve seen smaller people. I think all of you look wonderful and beautiful or handsome. Even the ones that are 30 that are only the size of a baby. There’s nothing wrong with you. You all have the same feelings and likes and dislikes as anyone else does. I’d love and would respect any of you. One walked past me in a parking lot and I was kind and said hello with a smile and treated him like anyone else, and treated him with the same amount of respect I’d treat any other kind of person.

         As far as going out in a public place, and also trying to meet others for friendship or finding a significant other to love. I’ve tried going out to find others for love or friends and I’ve also had no luck. I’m not obese, deformed and don’t have dwarfism and I never found true love either. For centuries I couldn’t look my age, and looked 10 years younger than my real age, so no one asked me out, just because of my younger looking age. And I’ve always been skinny, so lots of people always envied me, and men used me and never fell in love with me because I look skinny and beautiful. So those who are obese, have dwarfism or are obese, I never met my true love, either. And haven’t had a true friend since childhood and I’m 46, never married and never had a child.

         The way I’m dealing with this has been very difficult for me, no love, marriage and no child. So, to fill up my time other than going to work and just having a job, I also spend my time finding others who are different and who also don’t have luck in their life finding friends and having someone that truly loves them in their life that’s those or true love. I also do volunteer work, to help society become a better place for everyone to live in.

         Well, I certainly do hope this helps others feel better that are struggling in their life the way I described on here. We can help fill up our hearts with love by being there to find others like this who are also lonely and lack being given love in their life too. I believe every different kind of person should be respected and not bullied or made fun of. How would doing that benefit you or them anyway by hurting them like that?

Peace and love be with all of you,
K from America

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