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How I feel about being abandoned by those who say they love and care about you...
* (This is my opinion about people abandoning others, especially if they’re sick (and are family or friends doing the abandoning) and isn’t fiction I put it under fiction so it can be seen and read more)

         Here’s something I’d love to bring up as a personal opinion. Why would anyone abandon someone they love? Such as a friend or family member? A marriage vow for example says in sickness and in health. Right? Why do people abandon someone if they get sick, such as having PTSD, especially something like depression and it’s your own sibling? Etc. Wouldn’t someone need to be loved and supported that much more?

         Very sad. Very sad indeed. A lot of people I know or have known that have depression are this way because they’re lonely and have no one to love. If we know anyone like this such as a veteran neighbor in our neighborhood or our own town, why can’t you at least go visit them and thank them for their service on Veterans Day? Christmas and Thanksgiving too? healveterans.org you can mail veterans a free art kit and join to talk to them as a pen pal, for free.
Here’s a great other question. If someone is mentally ill and NEVER hurts others or them self, and doesn’t commit any crime and doesn’t abuse or take any drugs, why throw them away, avoid and abandon them for no reason? And people that are disabled or are different in some way? Why abandon them? For no reason if they never hurt others or you?

Peace be with you, thanks for reading my thoughts and opinions about this.

Lady in America
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