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I'm excited to announce that The Kraken's Prisoners is published. The novel is the second book in the Brownies of Velmoran epic fantasy series and is based on Celtic folklore. The tales centre around Aira, a courageous young house elf who must face a deadly kraken on a quest to save her coastal homeland.

The first novel, 'King of the House Elves' tells of how Aira travels with Boroden, the House Elf king, to the Seelie Court to attain the blessing of the powerful sídhe. What she hears there shatters her expectations and sets the brownies on a perilous quest from which only Aira can save them. Ideally, you should read 'King of the House Elves' first, but 'The Kraken's Prisoners' also works as a stand alone novel.

In The Kraken's Prisoners, Aira and her brownie kindred fight to escape the lowly existense serving humans that they have been forced into a since their coastal homeland was stolen by Krysila, an immortal kraken.

After fleeing her woodland haven with a group of kindly dryads when the kraken's followers attack, Aira embarks on a journey of endurance, heartbreak, and faith. She must find her inner strength in order to save her fellow brownies.

Before Aira and her friends can reach Velmoran, they must pass through dangerous terrain pursued by allies that Krysila has made in the evil Unseelie Court. Ogres, ice giants and grotesque forest-dwelling hobyahs waylay the brownies.

Even when Aira thinks they have found sanctuary in Lutraudros, the citadel of the brownies in the frozen north of faerie land, she finds the brownies are far from safe.

Aira’s hopes of winning back her ancestral homeland rise as she unearths the magical sword forged by her father to kill the kraken. When she and her friends encounter another group of brownies apparently longing to help, finally Aira thinks the brownies have the strength to stand against the Unseelie Court. However, these new allies are not what they seem...

Can Aira uncover the true identity of this uncanny group of brownies, or will she and her friends fall into the trap that Krysila has laid?

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The Kraken’s Prisoners is available globally in both eBook and printed format from Amazon. Search ‘The Kraken’s Prisoners Holly Merry’ in your county.


The novel will be available from Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iBooks in early 2023.
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