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The Importance of Reading God's Word
Psalm 119:105

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

It’s hard for me to believe that for the first half of my life, reading the Bible was not a priority. Today, I can’t imagine beginning my day without reading and studying God’s Word and meditating on it at night. I learned the importance of memorizing Scripture for those times during the day when I forget that I’m not alone or need encouragement. But sometimes what I’m reading becomes so familiar that it loses its “awe” and the message that I once held so close to my heart seems like just words on a page. I needed to find a way to re-ignite the flame.

With the Holy Spirit’s prompting, I prayerfully re-read Psalm 119…. very slowly, soaking in every word, as though reading it for the first time. I was reminded that His Word is hidden in my heart and is still there. I learned that He established His statutes to last forever and that I will have peace by living according to His Word. Not just by understanding His Word, but by living it. And I cannot live it unless I know what it says.

But reading, learning, understanding, and obeying His Word is not just about me. It is a way to worship God. It’s a way that I can take time out of my day to acknowledge Him, to praise Him….to let Him know that He is a priority in my life. And I will be forever grateful for the privilege to be able to do that every single day.


Lord, thank You that I don’t have to go through life without direction. Thank You for giving me the Holy Spirit for those times that I sometimes seem to wander around aimlessly when I forget where You are. Thank you that I live in a country where I can read Your Word daily without fear and for loving me and enabling me to learn more about You. In Your holy Name, I praise and worship You.
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