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Patriot Games Writers’ Cramp

Patriot Games Writers’ Cramp


36 lines

The right-wing spin masters  are at it again 
Turning the greatest assault  on American democracy
The storming of the capital  on January 6
By an angry mob  into a patriotic uprising 

Against a communist dictatorship In the making  
Fighting to restore traditional Judeo-Christian values
Led by false Christian prophets celebrating
The rise of Christian fascism in America

Calling the angry mob Patriots Is an affront
To the real patriots
Our grandparents Who fought world war
Against the Nazis and were the original Antifa

Fox News is now hosting Tucker’s ‘broadcast
Siding with neo-fascist autocrats
In Hungary, their newfound best friend

Who is proudly instigating a neo-fascist
Illiberal democratic state
Shades of other right-wing autocrats
That the right love to support

Even celebrating the military coup
Of Myanmar saying there is no reason
That could not happen here

Following the mad dictates 
Of the twice impeached former president  
Siding with the enemies of democracy
Doing Putin’s bidding killing Democracy to save it.

As our democracy lies dying as we speak
The mobs braying take our country back.
Make America great and white again

Soon we will have the proud boys,
oath keepers, Bugaloo bois and others  
Marching in the streets under Nazi and confederate banners
Cheering their great leader as he storms back into power.

God save America
If he/she still cares?

On Nov 3, 1534, the English parliament passed the Act of Supremacy, making king Henry VIII head of the Church of England.

Write a poem or story about a conflict/collision/confrontation between religious and secular powers.

Due November 4th, 2022 before noon, WdC time. === ( Deadline: 16 hours 35 minutes 47 seconds )

* 1000-word limit on stories, 40-line limit on poems
* Newly composed for the contest.
* Meet ALL the criteria in the prompt
* Format any required words/phrases in the body of your piece in bold to assist your judge. Do NOT put other words/phrases in bold.
* Save your story or poem as a static item in your portfolio
* Post a b-item link to your composition in your post to the Cramp forum
* Include your word/line count in your forum post's title or body.

DOUBLE CHECK that you have met these requirements so that you can avoid the frustration of being disqualified on a technicality!

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