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Conversation with the Grim Reaper

Conversation with the Grim Reaper

234 words

Half of the names on the list were already checked off.

The Grim Reaper looked up from the list.

Barked out,

“You name?”

“Sam Adams, Sir.”

“DOB? 10-29-1955”

“POB: Oakland, California”

“Hmm, there seems to be some sort of mistake. These things happen. Hard to get good tech support in Limbo. Well, it seems that they made a mistake. You are not due here for another five years. So I can send you back or you can wait here for your turn. What’s will it be?’

“Can I go back to my life?”

“yeah, but only for five years. Then you will be back for judgement day. You all need to meet your creator on judgement day, that’s the date you learn your fate, whether it will hell or heaven is not up to me to decide. Afraid that’ is beyond my pay grade, beyond my jurisdiction so to speak as I am just the grim reaper who is supposed to lead the dead on to their next life. Are you ready to return?’


Sam Adams found himself back at home and went down the street and had another drink at the Cosmos Bar

He looked at his phone and saw a note

Reminder, your final status adjudication date is set for five years. Make the most of your second chance, my friend.

Your friend,


Just another Friday night in paradise he thought.

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Half of the names on the list were already checked off
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