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by Sumojo
Rated: E · Fiction · Emotional · #2284512
Cedric takes his mother on a vacation

The globe of the world spun on its oak stand. Round it went,Cedric stood, finger poised waiting for it to stop turning.”
“Wherever my finger lands, that is my destination,”
“You Cedric? You’ve never gone anywhere.”
“I know, it’s time to spend the inheritance money, John.”
“It’s a great idea. You deserve it after caring for your mother for so many years,” his friend replied.
Closing his eyes Cedric stabbed his finger on the globe.”
John peered over Cedric’s shoulder, “Australia!”
“Twelve thousand kilometres from London, as the crow flies. Mother always wanted to go there.” His eyes filled. “I’ll take her ashes with me.”

“So, Cedric, you’re really going to Australia?”
“I’ve booked a six weeks cruise on the Queen Mary. Mother is going to love it! We leave on Saturday.”
Cedric packed his mother’s urn, wrapped in one of her shawls, into his suitcase and made his way to Tilbury docks.
The weather was wet, windy, cold and grey.

Several days into the cruise, Cedric had not yet left his cabin. Lying on his bed he peered out of the porthole window at the dark, endless, waves. The ship rolled and Cedric groaned, “I hope you’re enjoying your cruise, mother.”
He dragged himself off the bed and grabbed his mother’s urn before making his way unsteadily along the long passage way. He crashed from side to side keeping a tight hold on to the ashes determined to complete his mission.
At last he staggered out on the the wave-drenched deck. Sea spray drenched him before he could make it to the rail. Struggling with the lid he swore loudly, although the roar of the angry ocean drowned out his voice.
At last the lid came free and Cedric stood speechless, covered in his dead mother’s ashes.

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