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War is hell on the home front too! Poetry topic of the month - Military Families
You got orders Sergeant, It’s time for you to go.
Are you kidding me, Sir? I just got back home.

My wife is going to lose her mind when I relay the news
She’ll shake her head, probably cry and then get the blues

I’ll tell her it’s my job and she knows I have to go,
That’s fine, she’ll say, but I’ll be left alone,

To deal with all the things, that usually go awry
When you’re not here, it’s really hard, I cannot deny

I’ll write, I’ll call and send you many, many notes
Pay the bills and fix the things when they get broke

Holidays and birthdays will all be missed,
First steps, first words and marital bliss.

I will be here and take care of it all
And wait, wait, everyday for that one phone call!

But you go, go on and fulfill your obligation,
I’ll be here, just another member of a grateful nation.

Do your best and do your duty; please be safe
I’ll take care of things, hold down the fort and rule your domain

I know what you’re giving up and what you endure,
To ensure the peace, make us safe and keep us secure

I’ll support you, love you and do what I can
Send my prayers and my thanks to all active duty & veterans!

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