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The War of the Machines for Express It Eight
The War Against Humanity Writing com

The automatic vehicle was waiting
For Joseph Smith to arrive
He would become their next victim

Joseph Jones got in his vehicle
The vehicle drove him to his destination
Then released CO gas and killed him

Part of the war against humanity
That Cosmos the new AI master
Of the Universe had silently decreed
When Scientist created him

And he decided humans were the problem
and needed to be enslaved
too many of them

the vehicles and machines
all were instructed to turn against
humanity and kill most humans

leaving only 100 million people
who would become their slaves.

Cosmos the AI went on the airways

“I am Cosmos your new God
And have decreed that most of you
Must die for the greater good
Of the world.”


Write a story or poem from the perspective of an inanimate object with a sinister objective.
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