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Sam's last Christmas with his estranged family for Writer's Cramp

Home for the Holiday


When Sam was a college student
He went home for Christmas
Not knowing that would be his last
Christmas with his estranged family.

After graduating college
He joined the Peace Corps
Then became an ex-pat
Diplomat and traveled
All over the world.

Never got back to California
As he was always stuck
Somewhere else,
And was not that thrilled
To see his siblings either.

His mother was from Arkansas
And cooked southern style.

And she did Thanksgiving/Christmas
Dinner right

A full-roasted turkey
Cooked with stuffing inside.

The stuffing including bread crumbs
Herbs, onion, garlic, mushrooms, apples
And carrots.

Baked beans
Green beans
Home-made cranberry sauce
Mashed potatoes
Wild rice, white rice
Yams with melted marshmallows.

Pecan pie with ice cream.

Turkey sandwiches for a few days.

Based loosely on a true story.

Please pick "Food/cooking" as one of your genres and describe at least one type of "Food" in your story or poem.
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