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by Norman
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Some witches look like you and me.
They thought she was a wicked witch
but they misunderstood.
Yes, once she was the nicest witch
who only would do good.

Well, witches come and witches go.
I’m sure you’ve known a few.
There aren’t many who are good.
You might find one or two.

Most witches have their magic brooms
and wear those pointy hats.
They mix their evil potions in
the dark of night with bats.

But not all witches look like that.
Yes, you may be surprised.
Some witches look like you and me;
they wear a fine disguise.

This wicked witch who once was good,
but now is thought as bad,
is really not so wicked, though.
She’s really only sad.

She’s sad because she’s all alone.
Her friends have gone away.
Those other witches cast her out,
told her she could not stay.

They told her that her kindly deeds
were garnering her fame.
That's not the way real witches act.
It gives them a bad name.

Well, good or bad, say what you will,
she didn’t act the part.
You can’t be an effective witch
when you are pure of heart.

So now she stays all by herself,
makes potions all the time.
But now the only one she makes?
Love Potion Number 9.

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