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The Defender visits the United Nations and offers his assistance and answers questions
Chapter Forty-Four

A Purpose

         After willing himself visible, the Defender walked down United Nations Plaza toward the UN Building in broad daylight, he did so at a leisurely pace. He wanted to make sure he was seen in a non-threatening way. He observed several New York Police Department. police watchtowers along the way and noticed he had been spotted and was being followed. He knew his position was announced and the first checkpoint would be expecting him with reinforcements.

         The first blockade was created with concrete and metal barriers. Just behind these barriers were four work trucks loaded with sand. As the Defender approached, he held his hands up showing he was not armed.

         "Stop right there with your hand where we can see them. State your business here." At this point, several more police officers became visible and, while their guns had not been drawn, their hands had been placed on their hilts.

         "My name is Defender. I have come not wanting any trouble of any kind. I wish to speak to the UN Council. I want to offer my assistance in any way possible, excluding joining in any war efforts or Police Actions. I have been helping the police in Underwood to the south of here for several months. I am not sure if you saw what I did for the sick children two months ago at the biggest hospital in the United States. I ask for nothing in return."

         "What makes you think you can come here and be seen? What makes you think they want to see you? You could be trying to get in there and kill everyone or take them hostage." With the last remark, more officers encircled the Defender with their hands on their hilts.

         One of the other police officers within the circle chimed in, "There is a video of you attacking the US Military and being shot down. How are we expected to believe you are peaceful as you state you are?" A few of the other officers mumble an agreement.

         The Defender answered matter of factly, "If you saw the whole video, you would have seen me hovering facing the two Apache helicopters. They began firing their canons and rockets at me without provocation. When they ran out of ammunition, two jets fired their missiles at me. They were either testing me or trying to make a hole in the ground underneath me. After they were done, I simply flew away without retaliation or intentional pursuit. Did you miss that video?"

         The apparent Captain turned toward the speaking soldier and shouted "Silence" and then turned toward the Defender, "We all heard what you did at the hospital and then saw what happened with the Army. It doesn't make it any easier that you simply shrugged off their attack. We still have no idea of who or what you are and exactly what you are capable of doing. For all we know, you can simply walk through all our efforts to stop you, destroy the UN building and everyone in it, and walk away."

         "I am here though. Asking for permission to speak to them. Not demanding. Not threatening. Just asking. If their answer is no, then I go away. No trouble. I want to help. What do I need to do to be seen?"

         After listening to the Defender, the Captain went over to the radio and called someone. While the Defender could have easily listened into the conversation, he did not want to use any of his powers unless necessary. The conversation seemed to last for several minutes and then the Captain called someone else as he used a different phone. This conversation was much shorter.

         When the Captain came over, his face did not give away any emotions or thoughts.

         "Well, it appears you have been expected for some time. The Secretary-General has directly authorized and permitted your admittance. You are directed to proceed to the main entrance of the General Assembly Building where you will be greeted and ushered to the waiting assembly. You will need one of these. Wear it at all times. Do not remove for any reason." The Captain handed the Defender a UN badge which allowed him access through security points where the UN Police, Federal Agents, and Secret Service Agents were located.

         With that, the captain ordered the police to stand down and allow the Defender to pass.

         After making his way through the police barricade, he came to a UN Security Checkpoint. Even though he was wearing the security badge, a call was made to ensure it was legitimate. He waited patiently and after acknowledgment, continued his walk toward the building. While he walked, he noticed he was being watched by individuals from strategic locations on the roofs of the UN building.

         When he arrived at the entrance, he was allowed in and ushered into the General Assembly Hall to the front-most dais with a raised section for three people and a podium. At this time, there was an unintelligible murmur occurring throughout the hall as hundreds of voices of different nationalities talked about their new visitor.

         As the Defender listened, he could not discern any language he knew. He was aware interpreters were provided for the translation of the different languages. The whole process had to be synchronized perfectly.

         The person he was following led him to the raised dais and stopped. She turned to him and explained, "We will wait here for your introduction. Please place this device in your ear. It is like a hearing aid. This will be connected to our translators. Whenever you are asked a question or otherwise in communication with one of the delegates, you will have the translation provided to you. At times, the translation may be delayed, but it will be provided. When you are speaking, your information will be provided in the same manner to the delegates. Do you have any questions?"

         "Not so far"

         "This will start with you answering questions from the current five Security Council members and, if there is time, and if there are unanswered or follow-up questions, we can field them at that time."

         The Defender thought for a moment and then advised he was ready to start.

         After a few more minutes, he was introduced to the Secretary-General who in turn introduced the Defender to the Security Council, "Instead of discussing Item SCD-9-Community Project E, our next agenda item will be the interview and open panel review of the entity code-named Defender." The Secretary-General then went proceeded to be seated. The Defender went to the podium and looked out to the assembly.

         Immediately, a question came through his earpiece, "Where are you from, and are there more of you in hiding?"

         Because this had been translated, the Defender did not know who had presented the question. He didn't quite know how to take the question. Were they assuming he is an alien and there were more like him in hiding? He needed to let them know he was from earth and, as far as he knew, he was the only one.

         "Originally, I am from Earth, like all of you. I was born, raised, and grew up as a human. A space anomaly changed me into what you see. Because of what happened to me, I hid as long as I could because of the fear of public and government reaction. Over time, I learned I had special abilities. I could help people. I could do good and meaningful work. After the transformation, I found a police department I thought needed assistance with cases they couldn't handle on their own. Unfortunately, this caught the attention of a criminal who sought me out and tried to test my powers. I rescued the innocent people and he is now in prison for life."

         A different interpreter asked, "You say you are originally from Earth. Did you have a family? What of them? Are they still around? Do you see them? How do you contact them? Are you still in contact with the police? Who is your contact within the police department?

         "I am not going to answer all those questions as it does not pertain directly to my offer of assistance to the UN or my ability to help you. I will not endanger my family. My powers are not dependent on anyone except myself. As for my contact with the Police department, I severed all contact with them. They could not contact me directly except by telephone and have no information about who I am except as the Defender. They only know I planned on contacting the UN or the President of the United States to offer my help."

         "How are we to trust you if you do not provide all the information we are asking for?"

         "How do I know you will not ask me to abuse my powers?"

         After a general murmur from the assembly settled down, another translator asked, "It has been observed you have superpowers. Can you please elaborate on what they are for the assembly, please?"

         "Certainly. I have super running speed. I can run the circumference of the globe within three hours non-stop. This includes running atop water without breaking the surface tension. I can alter the light around me to become invisible. My flying speed greatly exceeds that of all forms of man-made devices. I am capable of flying into space without the protection of space gear as I have flown above the Karman Line several times without detriment. I am invulnerable to all forms of physical attacks. My vision and hearing are greatly increased, and as was witnessed two months ago, I can heal others from severe to life-threatening illnesses."

         There was another, more prolonged murmur throughout the entire assembly. The five Security Council members, were all in a huddle within their respective tables, fervently in discussions. After approximately five minutes, the next person approaches the microphone, and silence is regained within the hall.

         "Defender, one of the reports we received from when you were performing your healing, states you have a third eye. Can you acknowledge or deny this claim? If it is true, where is this eye and what does it do? Also, do other members of your species have this third eye?

         "Let me answer your second part first. As I stated, I am a human, like you. As far as I know, there is no one else like me. Something transformed me into what you see before you. During that transformation, I was given a third eye. So far, my experiences with this eye have led me to believe that matter itself can be rearranged using this Eye. I have psychokinesis, or the ability to move objects or rearrange matter by my will alone with this eye."

         "Now, as to where the third eye is located, it is on my forehead. I can cause it to open. When it does, it will glow green. Sometimes a green laser beam will come out and other times, it will just glow."

         "Can you demonstrate something? Something easy." the speaker asks.

         "I am not sure what you would like me to do. This isn't like parlor tricks. This is real life," After a brief thought, "let me see if I can open the third eye and make you understand me without the translator being used."

         With that, the Defender closed his eyes and focused on his third eye, and willed it open. It snapped open and instantly began to glow green. It began to glow brighter and then flashed a brilliant green light, flooding the entire assembly hall, then faded and closed. He opened his eyes and looked around.

         Nothing had changed. Everyone was expectantly silent.

         After less than a minute had passed, the Defender offered, "I am not sure what happened as I do not feel any different than I did before the flash."

         The Secretary-General asked the Defender, "How did you do that? I just heard you speak in my language without the interpreter."

         "No, he answered in mine." Stated the Soviet Union Security Council Member directly into the microphone.

         Slow but increasingly louder conversations began to grow as more and more delegates began to understand the full impact of the bright green flash from the Defender's eye. Disbelief, outrage, and wonderment were the main emotions.

         The assembly was in chaos. The Secretary-General attempted to call the assembly to order for over forty minutes before quiet was achieved. After the din had subsided, more questions needed to be asked of the Defender.

         "Defender, how did you achieve this? Why did you do this?" the Secretary-General posed.

         "I was asked to demonstrate some of my power via my third eye. I thought of making you understand what I was saying without the use of a translator. When I activated the third eye, instead of causing you to understand just me, it increased the effect on the whole assembly. From past experiences, the third eye works on a much deeper level than human thought does."

         "So, you are not in control of your powers? Isn't that dangerous? Couldn't that be a major liability and cause serious trouble?"

         "From all my experiences using my powers, they have done exactly what I wanted them to do. In this instance, I wanted people to understand me without the use of a translator. My powers understood what I wanted and created the action to do just that. I made sure no one needed a translator. With what you do here, that should be a blessing, not a curse. If everyone understands each other, that makes the communication battle a whole lot easier, don't you agree?"

         Without answering the question, the Secretary-General stated, "Let's continue with your questioning. Please tell us how you can help us carry out our services for us. How you can carry out services on our behalf."

         "Before becoming the Defender, I was human. I was a soldier. I willingly fought for my country. I fought for its principles and beliefs. I believe all people need to have individual rights and freedoms and all are created equal, need to be tolerant, and live together in peace. Human rights are not negotiable, and democracy and social progress create a healthy society."

         "I believe conflicts should be resolved by any means possible before the use of any armed forces and military actions. If all peaceful actions fail, military actions need to be swift, concise, and well-planned with no civilian casualties. If a short conflict becomes drawn out, keeping the objective in sight is imperative; however, changing the strategies to obtain that goal will allow more opportunities."          

         With this answer, there was s smattering of applause throughout the assembly.

         Good. Finally, a positive response. He needed to reach more people.

          "So, what you just told us, if we had you hunt down a war criminal and his army so he doesn't commit any more war crimes, what would your plans be?"

         "Like the UN, I will not choose sides in any war or conflict. None. I will help in Peace Keeping and Humane work. Anything non-warfare related. I will not be a Lone Wolf that is pointed toward a problem and told to, 'Go kill'. I will assist in solving the problem and when the time comes, if necessary, my special abilities are required, I will go in when it is not safe for combat troops to apprehend the war criminal as peacefully as possible. I have not caused the death of any of the people I have apprehended thus far and have no intentions of starting now."

         Another pause for the applause of agreement.

         A man wearing a tailored three-piece suit asked the next question. Before he spoke, he seemed very serious or upset because of the look on his face. "Defender, you alluded you were from the United States. Is that true?"

         "I stated I was from Earth. I assisted a town within the United States."

         "Yes. You stated you had assisted the police department in the city you mentioned. Is that correct as well?

         "I did assist a city, that is correct."

         "Is the police officer's name Captain Ventz you worked with?

         "I believe it is. Did you meet with him?"

         "No, I haven't had the chance yet. He told us of the help you gave him and the criminals you helped apprehend. He also stated there was a telephone used to make contact with you regarding cases. Is that true?

         "Yes, it is. And before you ask where it is, you can thank the US Army for destroying it when they attacked me."

         There was a pause before he continued.

         "How often did you contact the Captain?"

         "Never. He is the one who contacted me. I answered, listened to his job he needed help with, and then hung up."

         "I see. Do you remember Lieutenant Urad?"


         "I beg your pardon?"

         "It is Sergeant Urad. You called him Lieutenant Urad."

         "Yes. So, you do remember him. It appears he
conducted a search to discover your identity and came close. Can you tell us about it?"

         "From what I recall, he harassed a private neighborhood, endangering civilians with his reckless actions until he discovered me at a lake miles away and failed to follow me to my base."

         "Your base? Your base of operations? And exactly where is your base? And why couldn't Sergeant Urad follow you?"

         "At that time, it was approximately at a 180-degree angle from where he was standing."

         "For the record, where is that at?"

         "The moon."

         "So, you are stating you call the moon your home base. Why is that? If you are from earth, why do you not live here?"

         "If you had every government agency, every law enforcement agency, everybody wanting to make a name for themself looking for you, regardless of the consequence, where would you go? If you would show yourself in public, you are attacked unprovoked or threatened to be locked up for no logical reason. You are grilled and questioned about your intentions. Where else could I possibly live without continuous interruptions or petty issues?"

         The gentleman in the three-piece suit was about to ask another question; however, decided to sit down. The Defender noticed no one else immediately stood up to ask any more questions. He felt he needed some answers of his own.

         "If I may now address the Council? I have answered the questions given to me honestly and openly, without endangering innocents. I feel before any decisions are made, I need to have some questions answered as I, too, can make a decision."

         "How do I know you will not ask me to abuse my powers for whatever you call the greater good? I have seen too many wars to know there are no winners, only misery and death. I can heal, yes, but to what end? You asked if I would go after a war criminal by myself. I changed my mind. If it meant saving the countless lives of innocents, I would. If this war criminal was a dictator or even a president, they would be considered. However, I would do everything in my power to take them alive so they would face a fair trial by their peers. I am not a judge or executioner."

         "I would hold myself accountable to a very high standard. Always help others. Seek Justice always. I would also hold the UN to that standard."

         After the Defender finished, there was no applause. He took that for his answer. He turned and walked toward the door. No one attempted to stop him and he did not look back. Once outside, he began to fly away, not attempting to turn invisible.

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