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A faulty, hurling stammering against a veritable, foolish background - a political poem.
We administer and admonish
The party in power’s distinguished platform
Of ending this planet -
The plain, radical truth:
These flagrant caucuses are pursuing
The focused end of our nation’s existence…
We close each election cycle
With a clear ultimatum -
No checkered outcome shall be tolerated.

The left’s cheering section
And right’s genius approach
Continue to embarrass the other’s
Mysterious blessings;
These lunkheaded denials are forever chastened -
Issues infused with irrepressible fire
Are movingly illuminated and showcased;
And the mellifluous aging of our society
Competes with the innocuous terror
Bestowed by the other party’s network
Of legislative and investigative nuances…

Our supply chain is now being foolishly abandoned;
Our energy policies are hurtful;
And our inflation and immigration calculations
Are a flailing horror;
These obfuscating power grabs
Insulate us from the most fervent leanings -
Women’s rights and freedom’s war in Ukraine
Are minimally and specifically taught
In a haunting and vaunted way -
A booster vaccine or lockdown
Wages war with our newest generation’s
Intellectual, mental, and societal decision-making…
And the benediction of our world leaders
Remains culpable…
These endearing legacies symbolizing
The cards being dealt on a felt tabletop;
The tracing, releasing, and volume
Of excised cues -
And the civility of a good, yet specialized hand…

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