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Thanksgiving turkeys kept running out no way to get more; we prayed, had more than enough.
We were so tired and so happy last night that I went to bed without posting anything!
We were sad, scared, and almost desperate that we would not have enough turkeys to make sure that everyone who needed one would get one.

We sent out emails and texts and made phone calls because desperation was setting in.
We ran out of turkeys THREE TIMES. Then we got a really frightening call -- we will not be delivering you any turkeys today because we ran out.

Then we prayed! Yep, we should have done that first, but the human was running things, and like in most situations, sincere and real prayer came last!

Did the miracle happen? Yes, it did. The call came in, and the truck showed up first with twenty-five, then with twenty-five more! Oh, that was not enough because fourteen of our seniors that participate at The Front Porch Ministries (TFPM) had yet to receive their red turkey bag! Yep, twenty-five more turkeys came! -- yes, we were tired, but we went to bed happy around 7:00 pm.

Thankful. Happy. Grateful. Thrilled, and so much more. We started celebrating -- no chocolate wine, but with some Stella Rosa (black label, Bacardi rum (brown), and Seagram gin (peach flavored) -- I tried the Stella Rosa -- good, but it was no chocolate wine.

We have to take care of our fourteen seniors today, and our goal will be reached.
THANK YOU, LORD, FOR BLESSING OUR (Patricia, Dianne, Max, Deb, Johnathan, and Toni) EFFORTS, and OUR DONORS, who stepped up and bailed us OUT! We are eternally grateful that NO ONE, not a SINGLE SOUL, was turned down, even those who just dropped by and those who called or inboxed me on Facebook. ALL will have a turkey on their table for THANKSGIVING.
Now, for the remainder of the blessing, TFPM also received late a box of about ten frozen chickens that should be thawed out by now. I'll make sure to let you know later, and I'll make sure to post when they're available.

(NOTE: If you received a turkey, please do not come to pick up a chicken, they WILL be given to someone who missed out on the turkeys or prefers a smaller meat for Thanksgiving Dinner!

NOTE: Not sure what is out there now, but TFPM received a ton of different flavored yogurts. Please come by and pick up a box until they are gone. At least two said it felt like Christmas had arrived, and one of the mothers' children thanked me for getting her mother a present. TOTALLY HEARTWARMING! Thank you to those who donated. Also, know that we had so many scarves and socks that we could help many more women than we had planned.

NOTE: The women received their coats, scarves, and socks. They were extremely thankful, and one mother's child personally thanked me for giving her mother a present! Thank you to the donors for this project. Some of the scarves were knitted by a Mount Rainier resident.

LAST NOTE: Thanks to another donor, we could give out toilet paper, paper towels, door openers, and a bottle of hand sanitizer (Only a few, but they went to people who were grateful to receive them.
BOTTOMLINE: One hundred fifty-five turkeys with sides were distributed by The Front Porch Ministries, along with everything else listed above.
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