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Setting a good example is important, if only for the children who are watching you.
Practice What You Preach!
The world left unto itself will destroy itself.
We, the people left unto ourselves, will destroy ourselves.
Look around you at the chaos in the world, and ask, is this of God?
I offer that it is not. It is of man left unto himself without God.
When God is in the mix, there is a different result.
Wars are not fought because we love our enemy—just the opposite.
Murders do not occur because we want to show love and affection.
When God, who is love, and affection, is in the mix, there is a different outcome.
Examine yourself. Do not stoop to comparing yourself with others but to the standards God set.
Love thy neighbor as thy self. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Be merciful. For as you forgive others, so will your father in heaven forgive you.
Give love and watch it return to you three-fold.
As a practicing Christian, today is a good day to practice what you preach.
Remember, others are watching you, especially your children.
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