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Circa 1994/1995, No edits, no revisions. Written in my journal when I was 14 years old
I cast a shadow upon everything I come across.
My contacts within are lost forever
The darkness envelops me and sucks me into a place
I don't want to be

My stomach churns with hate and disgust
My head spins in circles
It floats off my body
I look down and see nothing within myself
There is no feeling within myself

Everything is blank and barren
It's like the cold, cruel deserts of desolation
No one is ever there hardly
but when there is, though,
they are so numbed to everything
that they may as well not be there
They become part of the nothingness that is there.

It creeps slowly upon you so you don't notice anything
But them it slyly coils around you
and tightens its grip forever holding you
The feeling drains out of you and
drips onto the floor for all the world to see

No one should have to hear or see your feelings inside because
they will only destroy everyone just as I did
when the cold dark blizzard paid me a visit and sucked everything out of me
So now, I am just this shell of nothing inside
Like a deflated balloon no one cares about anymore
because it is no longer beautiful
and never again can you restore the beauty to the fullest it was before
Doomed to be broken beyond repair

Don't become another number in a book
Don't become numb like me
I am guilty of destroying all
with the decrepit, deformed death I carry with me

For eternity
Damned for eternity
Living in a bloody hell
I'm everything and nothing all at once.
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