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The Raptor Civilization Berkeley Writers’ Cramp

The Raptor Civilization

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Sam Adams was a professor at the University of Berkeley. in Berkeley, California who had a secret passion to develop a time machine he finally came up with a prototype time machine. The machine that would send them back in time to an alternative universe, part of the multi-verse. He found out that one actually could not go back in his timeline but there were infinitely different timelines and so he would go back to a timeline that branched off from our timelines during the Jurassic era.

He would not be 100 percent sure that it would be the same as our actual past because that's just not the way it worked. One can only go back to an alternate timeline to prevent one’s grandfather-type disaster of science fiction, or change the future by changing the past, one could not go back and kill Hitler in our timeline, but could in an alternative timeline and see how it might change history. Just didn't happen that way the timelines are preserved at all times.

He got his team together, and they decided to go back in time to the alternative Jurassic era. They brought with them a piece of news came to document it and they also brought back with them forces with guns, who were trained big game hunters, because one of the things they wanted to do was to bring back some dinosaurs both dead and alive and then display the dinosaurs in the local zoo as a way to raise money to support continue experiments in time travel.

One of the ideas was that they would open up the other worlds to colonization once they had a stable wormhole open so that they could send many people back and forth including equipment continuously. The idea was that they opened up wormholes to other times and places on earth and in other solar systems for colonization and trade,

They finally were ready to go and had announced to the world what they were doing and their plans for interstellar exploration and interstellar travel using worm holes that would allow instantaneous travel between two points and also allow for communication through relays in the worm hole linking to communication networks on both sides of the wormhole.

It was a momentous discovery they went through the wormhole and were surprised to find that in the ancient earth at least that version of the earth there were intelligent Raptors who had formed a proto civilization they went through and found that they were engaged that were farming and raising other dinosaurs as feed animals and work animals, and engaged in manufacturing as well. It seemed that they were at a 19th-century level of development.

They wandered through the village with the Raptors staring at them, but the Raptors did not attack them but looked at them with great interest. They finally went into what appeared to be the center of the community and a Raptor official came up to him after a few minutes of staring at them began to speak in their heads because the Raptors were telepathic and they were able to communicate with them.

“Welcome, visitors from afar. Where are you from?”

“We are from a future version of this world. 150 million years to be precise. In our world, the dinosaurs -your race- perished in a huge meteor explosion that wiped out the dinosaurs except for the allegators, and crocodiles. We had no idea that your civilization existed but perhaps in our time line you never developed a civilization.”

“Well welcome. We have a lot to talk about, and when you return, we’d like to send a delegation to go and visit your world.”.

It was a great meeting, and they were treated to a feast consisting of BBQ dinosaurs. The raptors told them that they had a problem with T-Rex attacks in the outer villages but pretty much had driven them to the wilderness areas. They could take them on a hunting expedition to capture a couple of T Rex to take back.

They went on the hunt, and they saw the T Rex male and female hunting they were able to subdue them using high-power darts and managed to put them in cages and they brought back about twenty dinosaurs of five different species, two of which were unknown to the modern world. They did not kill any of them out of respect for their new friend’s sensitivities.

They came back to the modern world with the raptors and they began negotiating the terms of engagement opening up the terrestrial world to colonization and trade. The raptors went on all the TV news shows and were endlessly interviewed and became celebrities. In the end, they opted to stay on earth as ambassadors of the Raptor Empire. Sam and his assistants were welcomed back to the Raptor empire as the first ambassadors from Terra's prime as people had begun to call the earth now that there were millions of potential other planets to explore.

They opened the first permanent wormhole in the desert near Las Vegas which became the first interplanetary space port.


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