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The border shapes the future of the political and social landscape - a rhyming poem.
A moribund scream, the reality;
Some loony strategy exists;
This feckless zone of enmity.
A steepened calm persistsā€¦
The badgered schemesā€™ proximity,
For highs and lows, this policy
Escapes the leads of calamity,
A homely, clumsy odyssey.

Enforcement seems the likely cure -
Traveling safely, packing on -
Stripped of progress seen as pure.
The got-aways, forgiven, goneā€¦
Forward thinking shall prevent this,
Shadows, lightning, darkened skies -
Views of terror, oh-so recklessā€¦
Children poised to reek this prizeā€¦

The highest, most achievable worth,
The salient effort for workersā€™ means,
Forever flows and ranks this mirth;
The nation knows re-weathered scenes -
When the booming brightens, scattersā€¦
Lives are throttled - cartels strive;
The guarded camerasā€™ extremeness matters -
Shark-like dorsals gather, thriveā€¦

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