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A poem about being a slave to your past and stuck in your mind.
Memories of my past
Seem like a glimmer in my eye
Living rent free in my mind
like it is suspended in time

One foot in the past
And one stuck in the present
Makes for no growth
I am stagnant

Can not move forward
When I am handcuffed to my past
Memories of lives choices
I believed were meant to last

Try to trudge forward
But I am stuck like glue
Can not figure out
What I am holding on too

Change is scary I guess
Maybe that is why I can not progress
It seemed easier when I was younger
Seemed to bring less stress

My memories confine me like a coffin
They bury me alive
Force me to see flickers of the joy and pain
All while leaving me dead inside

I want to live in the moment
I want to be free
To see the world in the present
But I struggle to breathe

I have talked about my feelings
I have yelled about my past
But no matter what I do
I can not get on the new path

My past it haunts me
It will not just let go
Who I was back then
Is now someone I don't know

Pain and heartache
Is what it has to show
This are places
I really don't want to go

I try to talk out my trauma
To move on from the past
It is so hard and exhausting
But it will soon come to pass.
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