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Yupik's Quest to Find the dragon who had been terrorizing the village people
Villagers fled from the shrieking above,
But some fell behind, their bodies all burned,
Now full of sorrow, they had to dispose,
Corpses once more to the earth had returned.

A meeting was called at the village hall,
"That dragon must be slayed, who will fight him?"
The room fell silent, no one spoke at all.
'Look, if no one goes, our chances are slim."

The white haired elder gazed at the village,
"Must our people all be sent to their graves?
When he comes, he will burn, kill, and pillage."
In the room, a single hand raised and waved.

"No," shrieked Yupik's mother, don't send my son."
Yupik laid his hand gently on her arm.
"I will be fine, we have to send someone.
I'm fast and young and will come to no harm."

He paused at the snow-covered graveyard wall,
Praying for courage and strength from the Lord.
The icy wind grabbed at his tattered robe,
He checked one more time for his Father's sword.

Mountains of purple and pink lie in wait,
He knew the cave of the dragon was there.
But how would he ever seal the gate?
An idea! He would set up a snare.

Armed with a net, arrows on his backside,
Carrying a lighted torch in his hand,
A thick wall of ice barred him just outside
Den of the dragon, glad this had been planned.

Moving quick and quiet, not to be heard,
His torch burned a hole through ice sheeted wall,
He crawled in; still the dragon had not stirred,
Shaking with fear he thought better not stall.

Creeping, creeping, ever closer to cave,
Carefully he removed large steel net,
Then felt vibration, like an earthquake wave,
So hurried to make sure the snare was set.

Now the dragon has awakened within,
And lunged with his might at the barred cave door,
His flames could not melt the tough steel pin,
The dragon was trapped inside evermore.

40 Lines
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