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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2287946
This new person in my life
Who is this comely woman who is fair and strong and lovely, and so keenly fit unto my heart and in such fancy ways that had I even known of I'd have never dared to ask...

This woman who the universe has just now dropped into my life so very unannounced and without warning or repare...

What kismet brought these two missing, longing parts of heart so close together that any fool could plainly see theyd formed in such a way that one another should be joined, and yet long have they been held apart and separated by some plan or fate or folly or some strange and arcane strategy whose ways and means for such long misery have only now just finely quit and gone away

And above all I now pray that this one time may please oh please be truly true and not simply one more harsh and evil hoax wrought on this soul by some fair formed but evil hearted, darkly motived trickster's scheming.

For while I can scarce believe I've earned such a heavenly gift as this through any single conscious effort, feat, or deed; I'm sure I know I've never been so foul or cruel to any soul so as to earn such harsh a condemnation as her reprieve.
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