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by Anna
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Faye sets out on a mission to kill her father. But why?
The boat sat calmly on top of the river. Rocking slightly back and fourth. My dad stood near the railings and looked out into the nature around him. The bright blue sky covered by mist and fog. I am in the water. My breaths are uneven. I swim gently towards the railings. My wet hands grasp on one of them and my foot meets the hard step. I do not move quickly. But steady and slow. My father is still facing in the opposite direction. Still looking at the trees. The mist and fog climbed aboard the boat and made its way towards me. I hit my foot. I do not say a word and keep walking. The clouds covered up the sun, a cold shadow casted over me. I have thought about my decision many times and this was the only way to do it.

I look to my left the door is slightly ajar. I jerked the door open and made my way inside. I close my eyes for mere seconds and take a long deep breath. Was I prepared to do this? I run to the far end of the bedroom. A small window is there. I look out. My fathers hand is tracing the railings, he stands there calmly not knowing what is going to happen. I do not want to do this. But I have to. I lift the mattress up and it is there. I pick it up. I now feel safe. One wrong move he makes. He will regret it. I make my back down to the end of the bed and my hand touched the knob of the door. I open it slightly and peer out. He still stands there. Still looking out. But why? My steps are quicker this time and I edge towards him. He looks out. I hear him taking a deep breath in and out. I am two meters away from him. He turns around. Not startled. Or panicked.
'Hi Faye.' He says, a large smile spreads across his face. Fear is not in his eyes.
'Do not act like you care!' I scream at him. His smile fades into a frown. And his eyes turns to it. 'What about it!' I say, my voice is unsteady and panick arises in me.
'You are scared my child,' he speaks, his hand rises into the air. 'Why?'
'You know why!'
'I do but if you kill me, that goes down with it.' He brings his hands down slowly and points at it.
'I don't care, you were the one who created this. You were the one who ruined my life!'
'Faye, my dear child, do it. I am sorry for what I have done to you. Trapped you out. Do it and everything goes down with me. Even you.'
'I am ready to die. The life that you have given me is worthless. The only reason that I keep on living. Is to kill you,' I feel not afraid. But guilty. 'All I know is that when you die. I will have my few seconds peace. Away from you.' I speak. Guilt runs through my body. However, I remind myself that my father's creation will die and so will he.
'You do not mean that my child, my dear Faye.' Tears fill his eyes. My face turns red.
'I've been wanting to do this for years! you have no idea how badly I've been wanting to do this, it was just, I loved you to much.'
'Faye, I trust you will make the right decision your mother always did.'
'Do not bring my mother into this! After all you were the one who killed her!'
His face turns red and angry. 'I did not kill your mother! I gave her a new life! One that if you will kill me will be destroyed!' He looks at me and spits.
'That girl inside of your little creation is not my mother, it is death!'
'I gave your mother what she wanted.'
'Peace!' I look into his eyes. Peace is all she wanted.
'Yes peace, peace that your about to kill!'
'Your creation is not real!' I scream. 'You sent people there to die!'
'To die!' He shouts. 'I loved your mother more than I would ever love you!'
'Then why did you take her away from you?'
'Because I loved her.'
'You didn't love her,' I say my voice is calm again. 'If it was love, are you ready to die for it?'
'Gladly.' His eyes close and tears fall down his face. 'Do it,' he pauses then added 'for her.'
I make my way towards him and my gun reaches his head. 'I love you Faye.' My hand is on the trigger and my father knows that his time has come. 'I love you.' He says again. 'So much.' He adds.
'No you do not!'
'Faye, this is the only way to do this?'
'Yes, the only way is to kill you.'
'I am ready to die Faye, have been for years, just if I killed myself, your mother would die as well.'
'No, your creation would die, that's been the only thing that has been on your mind for years, day and night, you would go to sleep every night wondering if you would live to see another day. Live to see mum once more. But your creation stopped that. The only thing that lives in that creation. Is death.'
I pick my father and by his neck and drag him in front of the creation. He looks at it for mere seconds and his head meets the ground. He cries.
'I am sorry Martha, I failed you.'
I lean next him and sit by his side. He wails. Cries harshly into his arm.
'Not only did you fail mum,' my hand is placed over the trigger 'You failed me.'
The trigger. Pulled. He is dead. I get up. The fog and mist has cleared. The sun shines down. The blood pours out of him and into the white deck and a smile spreads across my face for the first time in years. I look out and I see the sun. Bright but I know that this is the last time I will ever see it. I stand where my father once stood and watch as fire sparks onto the trees. My name is Faye Hill and my fathers creation was the of the third planet away from the sun. The planet called Earth.
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