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The world's oldest profession
The world's oldest profession
Is really just suggestion
You've all been told
You've all been sold
That women choosin' prostitution
Now we brandin' it as a sexual revolution
But it's all just a bunch of mind pollution
"Try this new drug, it's the best solution!"
Doctors paid to peddle confusion

Walk this way, talk this way
Get down on your knees and pray
Telling us all what we should say
It's new! It's D.I.E.! That shit's real cray

They want us all to think the same
They want us all to take the blame
You should really feel ashamed
Playing all these stupid games
Rotting all your fucking brains
Wasting your whole life away
Don't know why I bother to play
Maybe I'm lookin' for a reason to stay
'Cause I don't know what I should say
About all these memories that I retain
There's just so many forgotten remains
I keep gettin' reminded of all their pain
And I know the battle slain
They never rise to fight again

Clean your plate
Watch your weight
Don't have sex on your first date
Stop the hate!
Take a break
Don't you think it's rather late?

Learn your place
Clean your face
What a disgrace
A fucking waste

You don’t care
Brush your hair
Watch what you wear
Be self aware
Cuz life’s not fair
Remember to share
But also watch how much you share
It's stranger danger, kids beware!

Do it like this
Do it like that
Where's my whiffleball bat

They're feeding us a bunch of lies
Giving us all the endless French fries
And they just keep ignorin' our cries
They don't fucking care who dies

Fucking bunch of stupid bastards
Eating money from their masters
This shit's real, what a disaster

I know we all need money to be
But this's a damn catastrophe
Or maybe this is all just me
And life just isn't what it seems
Keep rowing my boat down the stream
My life is little but I still dream

They just want us to bow down to their rules
Keep changing it up playing us like we all be fools
But even the ones who didn't attend their fancy schools
We can see right through them suits
Stealing our children and selling it all like it's just loot
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