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Just a little something I wrote in the moment while at work
Turn off your microphone
Cover your camera phone
‘Cause that’s how they listenin’
To the words we be dishin’

All that we’re sharing
They pretending to be caring
But it’s all just a cover
They just looking to discover

The roots of our behaviour
They give us drugs as saviours

And feed us lines of bullshit
And we fallin’ for all of it
Hook, line, and sinker
They want us all thinkin
No more fun and no more drinkin’
Hey y’all did you check their LinkedIn

Full of profiles from all of the corporate whores
And their puppets they string along always promising more
But now we’re starting to see it’s all rotten to the core

So many stopped paying any real attention
To the messages we getting’ just what’s their intention
But we getting’ it now some of us got insane retention

Memory we be holdin’
Secrets we was toldin’
By our elders who fought
Freedoms they taught

We been throwing it away
For a dopamine hit a day
Superficial fluff
But it’s never enough

And we just need more
From the world of before
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