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A heretic finds love. Will she break? Will she survive? What will happen?
Alina is awake early, getting ready for her day. She has a shift at the Mystic Grill today from 4 pm to 12 am. Before she goes to work her shift, she wants to practice her dancing. She loves ballet, it is a part of her everyday life. Some would even say it's a part of her being, her soul. Alina gets out of the shower and pulls on a pair of black leggings and a black tank top. She slips her pointe shoes on and walks to the bar in her apartment. Alina looks over at her phone, opens her phone, and starts the music.

She slowly stretches her leg up into the air. After stretching her leg for about 30 seconds, she lets it down and stretches the other leg as far up as she can go. She stretches it for 30 seconds again, and slowly lowers her leg. Next, she starts with a plie, going into a releve, and moving to a chasse. She slowly starts practicing the routine she made up just a few days prior.

Alina spent a few hours executing her routine. After she was done, she felt sweaty and gross, so she took off her pointe shoes and went to take another shower. She peeled away her leggings and her tank top and started the shower. She turned the hot water nozzle all the way up, preferring her showers sweltering instead of warm or even hot.

It was 2 pm when she finished her shower. Alina decided to make lunch instead of eating out at the Grill like normal. She made two grilled cheeses and cooked tomato soup to dip her grilled cheeses in. She sat down to eat them and realized she wanted milk to go with it. Getting up with a sigh, she sauntered to the fridge and grabbed the milk, and went to the cupboard to obtain a cup. She poured the milk and sat back down at the table where she had her food.

At 3:50 pm, she decided to head to work, knowing that if she was late, she wouldn't be able to keep her job. She sat in her car and drove off to the Mystic Grill. When she got there, she noticed a girl and her friends sitting at one of the tables. A brunette with olive skin, a perky blonde, a brunette with darker skin, and a guy who seemed to give off cold vibes. She realized those cold vibes were calling out to her witch side, telling her he was a vampire.

Deciding on the spot to mess with him, when she noticed he was looking at her, she'd stare back. But when he looked away for a second and then looked back, she would be gone. Another way she decided to mess with him was to whisper "vampire" loudly, hoping he would hear with his increased hearing. Oh boy, did he hear what she said. She saw him exit the booth he was sitting in and make his way towards her, so she motioned to follow her into the back.

When they both got there, he flashed up to her and grabbed her by the neck, asking a million questions at once. "Who are you? Why are you here? What are you? Are you a threat?" Alina smirked and responded with, "My name is Alina Vera Alionova, I'm here to escape my dad, I'm a siphon witch originally, but turned into a vampire and found out I can keep my powers too. I'm what's known as a heretic, and I am not a threat. I simply just live here and work, not wanting to bring any attention to myself. I sensed you were a vampire, and I couldn't help messing with you."

The guy let go of her and stepped back. "Alright, my name is Stefan. You're right about me being a vampire. As long as you don't draw too much attention to yourself, I'm not a threat either."

"Alina! Get to work!" a voice yells from outside the back room.

"Well, that's my cue." She strides out of the room, leaving Stefan in silence. She figures he won't be a problem since she keeps to herself all the time. Alina grabs her notebook to take orders on and walks to the table that Stefan is seated at once again. "Hi, my name is Alina, I'll be your waitress for today. What can I get you started with?"

The brunette with olive skin looks and says "Can I get a coke?" The perky blonde asks if she can get a root beer, and the brunette with darker skin asks if she can also get a coke. Stefan looks up and asks for a water. Alina answers with, "Sure, I'll just go get that real quick." When she goes to walk away, the blonde asks if she's new around here. "Uh, yeah, just moved into an apartment a week ago. I started my job here yesterday." The blonde looks at Alina and introduces everyone. "I'm Caroline, that's Elena, she's Bonnie, and this is Stefan."

Alina casts a quick glance at Stefan and looks back at Caroline. "It's very nice to meet you all. I was born in Mystic Falls but moved to another city in Virginia until I was eighteen. I moved around Virginia a lot and then finally came back here." With that, she turns and walks away to get their drinks. She listens to their conversation though, because she's curious as to where she's seen Elena before.

Elena starts talking, "Ugh. She looks fake. And I don't like how she just moved back and works here now. She's going to steal the town away." Alina grits her teeth at this. Elena has no idea who she is or how not fake she is. Caroline looks up and nods her head, agreeing with Elena, while Stefan replies, "Hey, don't judge a book by its cover. You never know who she might be and who she isn't."

Alina walks back with their drinks. She sets down everyone's drink in front of them and takes their orders for food. She smiles at them the whole time, trying to ignore what they said. Alina hates when people are judgemental. It reminds her of her dad, who had all the judgments in the world toward her. Siphon witches aren't a natural witch, so her family got kicked out and shunned by their coven.

Her dad did not take it well, and the fact that she siphoned the life from her mom had an impact throughout her childhood already. Alina's only supporter was her brother, but even then, he left and she has no clue where he is.

Alina made her way through the Grill, taking orders and delivering food and drinks to customers. She always kept an ear out for Elena and Caroline though. Bonnie and Stefan always seemed to defend her, without even knowing who she is. They seemed like good people.

Soon enough, people start leaving the Grill, students mainly, for a back-to-school party at the Falls. Work slows down and my boss turns the news on. At about 10 pm, they hear there's been another 'animal attack'. With a bite mark and lots of blood lost, Vicki Donovan had been found in the woods. Alina wonders if it was Stefan until she sees a raven-haired man sitting at a table. She gets the vibe he's also a vampire.

Caroline and Bonnie walk into the grill. Bonnie is half carrying a drunk Caroline. They sit down at a table near the raven-haired man and Alina grabs their order for the second time that day. After I see Bonnie and Caroline leave, the raven-haired vampire turns to me and flashes in my direction.

"Can I help you?" She snarls at him with her vampire face out.

"Yes. You can. You can tell me what your doing here and what you are since I know you're not just a vampire."

Alina looks around and vampire speeds them to the back room. She places a couple candles on the table. The vampire looks confused, and then notices the candles have been lit without a lighter. "How did you do that? Vampires can't be witches." Alina chuckles. "I'm a special type of a witch, a siphon. When I was turned, I kept my powers and I'm what's known as a heretic. Now, I told you that much, can you tell me your name?"

"Damon Salvatore, at your service. Not really."

Alina remembers the other vampire she met today, Stefan, and remembers his last name. "So I'm guessing you and Stefan are related somehow?" Damon turns his head so fast it could've broken his neck. "How do you know Stefan?" Alina looks away and states "I know him from earlier. He grabbed my throat and asked me a million questions. Then he determined I'm not a threat. I'm just a girl who keeps to herself."

Damon seems to relax at that. "Well, witchy-vampy, you can help me with my secret agenda, or I can kill you right here. So which will it be?" She thinks a moment, not wanting to die, but knowing she could overpower him if need be. "I'll help you. But in return, you will help me if I need it." He looks at her and nods. Holding out his hand, she shakes it, and a deal was made.
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