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This was for the Rebel Poetry Contest - Isn't Active - All Lines 10 Syllables.
I talked to the writer and the writer wanted to hear my poem, which is like a story.

{}} {/: center} Prompt 1

Pen a poem which centers around a controversial topic. Since these days any topic deviates from what someone else might believe becomes a trigger, this leaves the prompt wide open. You are welcome to write about anything from anti-feminism, feminism, abortion, anti-abortion, politics, to Covid vaccines. The list is endless. Just remember, I do not judge on whether I agree with the writer or not. Judging is based on poetic language, structure, and emotiveness.

It's an issue whether or not highly
classified items should be released to
the public. I believe that when something
is marked as highly classified, it should
not be opened. There is a good reason
for that: People get angry when things are
not done the same way that they want them done.
This anger can lead to violence; this
kind of anger can end up killing lots
of people. Is this necessary? My
answer is no. I don't like violence,
Period. It makes my heart sad to see
people so outrageously angry, that
innocent people have to be hurt or
killed. Our nation, after two years of
leadership, has been destroyed. This has caused
division in our families. They
will turn on you if you vote opposite
of what they believe. This is outright wrong.

Our family unit has broken
down. We do need them to support us. When
support isn't given to us, we feel
isolated, deserted, and lonely.

Having a President who purposely
took highly classified information
from the White House, then took them to his home
was totally wrong. Now we find that there
was highly classified information
found in the current President's home. There
is a difference between the two: The
former President, Donald J. Trump, had
refused to turn documents over to
the FBI so that they could do an
investigation to find out why he
took these highly classified documents
home from the White House. There was plenty of
evidence to show that he was guilty
of criminal behavior. He said that
He was guilty of some of them. He went
totally out of control when he lost
the election to Joe Biden. Because
of that, He resorted to violence.
This sounds like a child that is having
a very bad temper tantrum to me.

Joe Biden, our current President,
didn't put up a fight; the FBI
was able to pick up what was needed
to do the investigation. He claimed
that he didn't know that the documents
were there. There's a big difference in the
way that highly classified documents
are to be handled. They chose to attack
Biden, instead of focusing on more
important issues. Hunter Biden, Joe
Biden's son, regarding what was on his
laptops, was a target as well. Why is
it that Republicans choose to target
these things, rather than focusing on more
important issues? Donald J. Trump's bad
behavior gets rewarded. Why is that?

We live in a scary world. This is due
to our former President, Donald
J. Trump. I've never seen anything like
this before. It's hard to comprehend why
People have to behave this way. It's not
fair to be disrespectful. You shouldn't
criticize or judge somebody. Unless
you have been walking in their shoes, you have
no reason to do that. When you're on a
disability, don't expect them to
hold down a job; some are not able to.

Having a disability isn't
always visible, it doesn't mean that
They are capable of working. When a
person is diagnosed with a mental
illness, including me, doesn't mean that
we're not disabled. There is a stigma
out there that goes along with this disease.
I have a relative that mentioned to
my special man that I didn't really
have a mental illness. When I heard her
say that, I couldn't believe my ears. I
was hurt. She believed that I was able
to work, just like everybody else.
I was fortunate to have been able
to work for ten years with the government.
I was put on probation for six months
because I was too slow. Since I wasn't
able to improve my speed, I would be
laid off, and, sure enough, they let me go.
I worked for the County Government and
the City Government. I was living
in Tucson, Arizona, at the time.
The medication that I was taking,
affected the creative side of my
brain. It was frustrating for me because
I felt like a zombie; or, like I was
in La La Land. I felt tired most of
the time. I felt like I was one-hundred
years old. It was awful to feel this way.

Let's get back to the topic of highly
classified items. When I worked for the
government, if something was labeled as
confidential, it was locked up so that
we couldn't have access to them. We were
not allowed to take them home with us. If
we were caught having them, we would have lost
our job. It was as simple as that.

I heard on the news that Joe Biden is
also refusing to let go of his
highly classified documents. It makes
me wonder what's going on. Why are they
withholding information from us? This
sounds very suspicious. Sounds like a lot
of secrets are kept in the wrong hands. It's
no wonder that we're walking on eggshells,
living in constant fear, not knowing from
one day to the next, when bombs will be dropped.

Vladimir Putin doesn't care what
happens to us human beings. We are
game to him; he wants us all to vanish
from this earth. Why does he think that we're so
bad that we shouldn't exist on this earth?
How come he is so hateful? What has
possessed him to stoop so low? Doesn't
he know that he'd be a lonely man with
nobody to talk to? Isolation
is a feeling of abandonment. It's
in the middle of nowhere; a feeling
of emptiness when a heart is broken.
It's this void of absence that makes me ask,
"What did I do wrong?" "It wasn't my fault."
"I tried my best, but, my best wasn't good
enough." I almost wanted to give up,
but I persevered. Congratulations!
I didn't know that I had it in me
but found out that I did. Now I feel good.
This is the intention. I'm glad it worked.

Highly classified items are to be
locked up. Use a combination lock with
a key for security. Your access
code should be kept in a secure place. No
one should have access to these documents
except for you. This is important for
security purposes. Don't lose them.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Saturday, January 28, 2023

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